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How to Quickly Create Documents in Sugar Using wDocs’ New Template Builder

by Roxana Dicu on August 13, 2019

4 minute read

Have you used wDocs, our Document Automation solution for Sugar? Whether you did or didn’t, here is our elevator pitch: wDocs merges record data from any Sugar module and generates quality documents based on your templates. A great solution to quickly create letters, contracts, proposals, or forms, right?

Many of our customers agree, but if we’re being honest, wDocs did receive valid criticism: remembering field names or complicated syntaxes by heart to create templates in document editors was kind of a hassle. We heard you, and we absolutely agree! Today, we are proud to introduce the wDocs Template Builder, a simplified way to create document templates for wDocs.

Create Document Templates with Ease

No more manual work. Now you can copy and paste all the information you need into any document editor, such as Google Docs or Microsoft Word, from any module field you want.

Users can easily access the Template Builder in Sugar by clicking on the admin icon in the upper corner and then clicking wDocs Template Builder.

accessing wDocs Template Builder in SugarCRM

Take a look at the clip below and see how easy it is to copy and paste syntaxes from Sugar into your document editor of choice.

Creating Tables at a Click of a Button

At some point, we’ve all struggled with creating a table that holds all the information we need in one place. That won’t happen again, as the Template Builder enables you to centralize all data with ease at a push of a button.

The Template Builder allows you to select any related module, input all the necessary fields and then simply copy it as a table.

wDocs Template builder create table

Field Formatting

The Template Builder enables you to customize various field types including date, boolean and text.

For example, you can:

  • Select various date formats such as MM-DD-YYYY, MM-Do-YYY, or MMM-YYYY.
  • Display boolean values as True/False, 1/0, or as a checkbox. 
  • Choose capitalization styles on text field including capitalized, lowercase and uppercase.
  • Define the padding value.

wDocs Template builer customize date field

Not convinced it’s that easy to use our wDocs Template Builder yet? Take a look at this short clip where we built a template from scratch and used it to merge Sugar data into an Account Summary document.

In Conclusion

Whether you need to create proposals, letters, contracts, or any other document, the Template Builder is a real time-saver for getting started with wDocs. If you are interested in learning more about wDocs or Document Automation, don't hesitate to contact us .

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