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How to Plan Business Trips with Sugar

by Mihaela Bulacu on March 4, 2020

5 minute read

How do you plan the perfect business trip when trying to consolidate existing customer relationships and start new ones? Like most sales representatives, you start by putting together a list of accounts from Sugar to visit. Then, you put together a visit plan and (hopefully!) crush those meetings!

But like many sales reps dealing with customer meetings, you may have trouble plotting the perfect business trip and especially finding your way to your destination. Keep reading our step-by-step guide on planning client or prospect meetings and let us guide you through this one with wMaps, our mapping enhancement for Sugar users.

1. Build a Solid Visit List with wMaps’ Advanced Filtering Capabilities

Ideally, you should start by building a solid visit list. For the best results, split the list into two categories: Customers and Prospects. Doing so will offer your plan more structure. Turn to Sugar and wMaps to get all the directions and maps you need.

wMaps’ Search Sugar Records by Distance from Postal Code lets you choose a ZIP code, depending on the area you plan to visit, allows you to set a radius from it, and search your Sugar database for records to visit.

Start by filtering your Accounts module for records in the desired area. Then, see if any accounts have opportunities that would benefit from an on-location meeting. Even if they don’t, you can visit your existing customers on the way — meeting them in person goes a long way if you want to build long-lasting relationships!

wMaps filter records by zip code.

wMaps Show Closest Records function is another trick you can leverage to find even more nearby customers or prospects based on your location, or an account’s.

wMaps show closest records function.

Additionally, wMaps has another feature you can use to ensure that your customer and prospects lists are complete: the Polygon Drawing Filter, that displays Sugar records found in the area you drew on the map.

wMaps polygon drawing filter

2. A Better Visual Representation Helps

Now, that you have all records for your Customer and Prospect lists filtered, get a better look at each record’s location on a map with wMaps’ advanced geocoding abilities. Our add-on shows the exact location of a record pinned on a map, and if you need more information on the record, just hover the mouse on its map pin.

wMaps record pin

wMaps also includes a dashlet that lets you see how the records’ proximities look like. Set the view on your map to Street Side, Aerial, or Road and check if you’re familiar with any of the landmarks nearby.

wMaps streetside view dashlet.

3. Driving Directions

Your work and progress depend on traffic conditions and how well you know the area you’ll visit. wMaps has two functions that can be leveraged in this scenario:

  • Directions From Current User helps you find the shortest route from your office to accounts on your list. 
  • Directions, Start from this Record can help you replan your route from the latest customer you visited if anything changes along the way.
wMaps directions and traffic conditions.

4. Integration with wMobile for SugarCRM

Since mobile access is a reasonable demand in your case, generating maps you can’t use outside your office would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? wMaps is integrated with wMobile for SugarCRM, W-Systems’ version of Sugar Mobile. Besides offering you access to wMaps’ geocoding functions, wMobile for SugarCRM also supports other customizations from W-Systems including wDocs, wDrive, and Custom Buttons.

wMaps with wMobile for SugarCRM

Wrapping it Up

Since you spent some time reading our guide, we hope that you’ll put into practice our advice on using Sugar’s and wMaps’ advanced geocoding functions on your next business trip, too. If you are interested in enhancing Sugar’s record mapping features with wMaps, reach out to us today!