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How to Link New Documents in wMobile for GoldMine: Phone Edition

by Lynn Catterson on June 26, 2019

2 minute read

You can now link new documents, such as photos or files, in wMobile for GoldMine from your mobile devices.

Select Link New Document from the options at the bottom of the record to link a new document.

Linking Documents in wMobile for GoldMine on mobile

If there are already documents linked to the Contact, documents can also be uploaded from the Documents list as shown below. Select Link New Document.

Linking Documents in wMobile for GoldMine on mobile

Using either of these methods to link a new document, a new screen will be displayed to enter details on the new document and select the file.

Add a Document Name. Add any desired notes. Checkmark Allow File to Synchronize if there are remote GoldMine users that use GoldMine's synchronization functionality to sync data updates to a local GoldMine installation. Select Choose File to browse for the file on the mobile device.

Linking Documents in wMobile for GoldMine on mobile - Browse for file

Select the appropriate option to Take Photo or Video, select from Photo Library, or Browse for a file.

Linking Documents in wMobile for GoldMine on mobile - choose file

Once the file is selected, click on Save. The document will then be linked to the contact record and available for any other GoldMine/wMobile users to view (if their record access permits them to view the record). Documents are listed with the most recent at the top of the list.

wMobile for GoldMine linked documents on mobile

Configuration settings for where uploaded documents will be stored on the server can be found in System Settings.

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