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How to Improve Document Management and Automation in Sugar

by Mihaela Bulacu on February 4, 2020

4 minute read

The new year is here and a great way to cross several goals off your list is by implementing a document automation solution within your organization.

Gone are the days of manually creating documents and paperwork within your company! 

A streamlined document automation system can help your business save money while boosting team productivity and company profitability. Here are some business goals you will quickly cross off your list, thanks to wDocs, our document automation solution for SugarCRM. 

Save Time

Our Document Automation solution puts a huge emphasis on allowing your teams to quickly create documents, with just a couple of clicks. By using record data from any standard or custom Sugar module, you can easily select information from multiple documents to include it into your new, information-rich document, natively from Sugar. Although traditionally, presentation-quality documents are difficult to create and the process eats up a lot of time, wDocs simplifies it tremendously.

wDocs document merge.

Thanks to wDocs’ easy-to-use template builder, users can quickly create document templates and use them to generate new documents. Once you create a template and upload it to Sugar, you can use it indefinitely.

wDocs template builder.

Improve Internal Document Management Capabilities

wDocs allows you to easily merge documents using personalized templates, so it also facilitates document management. wDocs lets you create and merge various types of documents, directly from Sugar. Here are a few great use cases for your new document automation tool:

  • Easily generate letter templates from the Contacts module;
  • Quickly generate NDAs for contact records;
  • Create a statement of work, a contract, or an order from opportunities;
  • From the Accounts module, you can pull out an Account Visit Planning Report, which not only lets you manage internal documents quickly, but it also allows you to plan more efficiently.

Proper implementation and adoption of document automation tools can also streamline and improve collaboration between different departments within your company. Document automation tools allow you to standardize internal documents and the document creation process, ultimately saving your teams' time, energy, and resources.


Work On the Go and Gain Flexibility

In today's business context, having the possibility to work on the go and elude the limitations posed by working in an office is mandatory. Obviously, a CRM tool that works seamlessly with mobile devices is key, but so is having a flexible document automation tool that transfers its flexibility into your workers' lives and schedules.

wMobile for SugarCRM is W-Systems’ flexible app for Sugar users that enables your teams to work on the go and harness wDocs’ power of document automation and generation. No matter your employee’s device of choice they will be able to enjoy the same features and flexibility offered by wDocs for desktop users, with just a couple of taps.

wMobile for SugarCRM

Key Takeaways

It has been proven that document automation enforces higher productivity rates company-wide. Get in touch with us for more information, or tips and tricks that will help you make the most of Document Automation!