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How to Get Your Drift Live Chat Leads in Sugar

by Mihaela Bulacu on September 30, 2020

5 minute read

Chatbots are a great way to enhance customer interactions and experience. They are also a great source of new leads if you integrate them smartly. At W-Systems, we know how vital data from these tools can be when pushed into our CRM, so, using Zapier, a codeless integration tool, we have connected Drift to Sugar to push incoming leads from our website chatbot into our CRM. Below is a short guide on how to set up and use our integration.

1. Create a New Zap with Drift as the Data Source

For this step, you will have to create a Zapier account or log into your existing one. 

Look for the Drift integration and use New Lead as the trigger for activating the workflow Drift qualifies conversations as leads when contacts share their email address with your chatbot.

Start by setting up your connection with Drift.

The Find Data section will pull info from recent Drift conversations such as name, email, the webpage where the lead started the conversation, etc. to ensure that Zapier is properly connected to the live chat platform, and to help you leverage that data in the next steps

The next section will help you ensure that all Drift data is properly extracted and pushed to Sugar.

This step allows you to make sure that you correlate your Drift lead with the contact that used the Chatbot, based on their ID. This way, you ensure that your Sugar lead records generated by Zapier and Drift have accurate information.

Help Zapier find the correct data by setting up the Find User by End User ID in Drift section.

2. Select Sugar as the Zap Data Destination

To be able to push Drift data to Sugar, you’ll need to add a Create Record in SugarCRM step.

Make sure to select Sugar as the Data destination.

First, select where the data will be pushed to. In our case, the app is set to SugarCRM. Because we want to create new records where to save all Drift data, set the action event to Create Record

This step also allows you to connect a Sugar account to Zapier in order to push data. Ideally, the account that you link in this step should have additional permissions to Sugar data, such as an Admin account. 

Once you connect a Sugar account to Zapier, you will need to customize your records. Because these conversations will result in new Lead records, set up the Module field to Leads.

Ideally, you should link a Sugar Admin account to your integration.

The rest of the fields can be quickly customized with Drift data, like we did in the screenshot above, or with data that you manually input, like we did with the value of the field below.

You can also manually input values to the rest of the fields.

Once a lead gets pushed into Sugar, you will be able to see all important details in the record view in the Leads module. Opening a record will offer you plenty of information, such as when the interaction took place, the web page where the conversation started, and more, offering you a clear overview of your lead’s interests.

Drift records can be quickly identified in your Leads module.

At W-Systems, we set up a Marketing Responses custom Sugar module that allows us to track and report on all marketing interactions, Drift included! 

Concluding Thoughts

Chatbots are one of the most common ways of customer-brand interactions, a performing tool in growing customer experience (CX), and now, with the help of Zapier, a perfect way of pushing new leads into your CRM.

Want to learn more about the Drift to Sugar integration that we built with Zapier? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

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