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How to Generate Complex Reports with Sugar and wDocs

by Mihaela Bulacu on June 30, 2020

5 minute read

Creating the perfect document for your clients has never been easy, but wDocs and Sugar can simplify the process, especially since wDocs has recently received a new merge function. Built upon Sugar Logic formulas, wDocs now supports merge actions from numeric data. With this new math formula merge function, you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide numeric data, without having to create new fields in Sugar to see their results.

To showcase wDocs’ new math formula functionality, we have two step-by-step scenarios when this feature might be beneficial.

1. Generate Complex Quotes with Sugar and wDocs

To get started, use the wDocs Template Builder or create your own document template from scratch. Since wDocs follows merge directives to be able to compile the information into your final documents, it’s worth mentioning that the {!formula...} directive is mandatory to be part of your templates, in order to be able to use this new math formula merge action.

To give you a better idea of what your template should look like, let’s assume that you want to send a contact a Quote with a discounted price for your products or services. In this case, the math function should subtract the discounted amount from the full price. Thus, your merge directive should look something like the formula in the image below:

You first have to build your merge template and uploading it to Sugar.

Once you finish building your template and upload it to Sugar, you can quickly merge and export your document in whatever format you prefer. wDocs supports merge and export actions for Microsoft Word and PDF, helping you create presentation-quality reports and documents on the go.

Choose from a Record's Actions menu what merge action you prefer.
You can merge record information and export it as Microsoft Word or PDF documents.

Once you choose which action you prefer from the Actions menu, select the template and wait for the merge to complete.

Choose the document template from where the merge to occur.

The merged documents will be available in the wDocs widget in the Sugar footer. From there, you can easily download it by clicking the document icon.

You can find the merged document in the wDocs widget, available in the Sugar footer.

And there you have it! A Quote document with all the data from Sugar’s Quotes module for the record that you want! 

2. Generate Opportunity Reports

You just had a meeting with an opportunity and discussed the delivery of a product or service for a certain amount. In this case, you would like to present your colleagues with a document stating the best possible price of the deal. For this, you want to compile data from an Opportunities record’s Revenue Line Items Subpanel.

You would need a document template resembling the one below.

Create another math formula-based template for the Revenue Line Items module.

By following the same steps as the ones necessary to generate Quotes, wDocs will compile the information into a document similar to the one below.

The merged document should look like this.

Wrapping It Up

Regardless of your reporting needs, wDocs and Sugar can help you automate the document creation process in a matter of minutes. With the latest merge action added to the extension, math formulas have never been easier to use in the document automation process.

If you want to learn more about wDocs or any of our other enhancements for Sugar, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!