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How to Create a Workflow Rule for W-Systems’ QuickBooks Integration

by Amanda Anderson on September 4, 2013

3 minute read

Want to push “Closed Accepted” quotes in Sugar over to your accounting system as an invoice? One of the features of W-Systems' QuickBooks Integration pushes quotes in Sugar over to QuickBooks as an invoice. This is done by checking the “Sync to QuickBooks” box in the quotes module. This checkbox is added to Sugar when the QuickBooks plugin is installed.

QuickBooks Integration for SugarCRM

The “Sync to QuickBooks” field is a custom Sugar field and can be edited in Sugar’s studio, used in reports, and used when creating workflow rules. The syncing of quotes to invoices can be controlled in two ways:

  1. Configuration menu: This menu is used to control your sync setting for the QuickBooks integration. You can choose to disable the syncing of quotes to invoices for your entire company from this menu. If disabled, none of your quotes will push over as an invoice in QuickBooks, even if the checkbox is checked.
  2. “Sync to QuickBooks” field: If the syncing of quotes to invoices is enabled in the configuration menu, then the trigger is based on the checkbox in the quotes module. If the checkbox is checked, the quote will push over to QuickBooks as an invoice.

Most companies want to have some control over which quotes are pushed over as an invoice. One way to do this is to hide the “Sync to QuickBooks” field from certain users. You can hide this field to certain users by going to your administration page and editing the settings in either your role management or team management page. Only users that can see and can edit this field will have control over pushing quotes to invoices. Another method is to set up a workflow rule that will automatically check the “Sync to QuickBooks” field when the quote is in a certain stage. For example, if all quotes in the “Closed Accepted” stage are final, then this can be the trigger to push this quote over as an invoice. You can also set up an alert in the workflow rule to notify the accountant that an invoice was created in QuickBooks. Below is a video showing how to set up a workflow rule to push Sugar quotes to QuickBooks as an invoice based on the stage being set to “Closed Accepted”.

If you have any questions about W-Systems' QuickBooks integration or would like additional training, contact us here.

W-Systems' QuickBooks Integration for SugarCRM was discontinued in March 2018.

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