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How Serious Is Your SugarCRM Hosting

by Amanda Anderson on May 19, 2014

4 minute read

W-Systems' Response to Backups and Data Security. We Protect our Customers' Data at All Time.

Recently, I was making a few small changes to W-Systems’s website. There were a few tweaks we were pushing live to our website over the course of several weeks. When the final update was pushed live, it wiped out several weeks of blog posts and other page updates. Oops! Thankfully, we run complete backups of our website each day, and we simply rolled back to a version from the night before without causing too much of a headache.

If we didn’t have backups, I would have spent a few hours updating and adding back the lost content. Not ideal, but at least it wouldn’t have crippled the organization. With CRM data, backups are much more critical.

One of the benefits of SugarCRM is the ability to host the application anywhere. Companies can choose to host OnDemand, on site, or with a 3rd party hosting provider. In either environment, companies should dig into the security and backup policies to make absolutely sure their data is safe.

If you’re opting to host in-house, make sure the hardware you are using is appropriate for running SugarCRM. The type of setup and drives you use can make a major difference with performance and speed. Also, make sure you have a solid backup procedure. How often is your data being backed up. Is it a full backup? Is the backup file stored in the same location as production? Do you have a backup to the backup?

If you’re hosting with a 3rd party provider, make sure you ask the same questions. Also, be extra cautious of hosting plans that are extremely cheap. They may be skipping on backup procedures, security, or performance.

W-Systems has its own SugarCRM hosting platform and specializes in optimizing Sugar’s performance and security. W-Systems’s drives have both physical and soft firewall protection and we use redundant physical firewalls so that if one firewall was to fail, there is no service disruption or downtime.

Our backup ideology is designed to protect beyond the failure of the physical server itself. The cost of losing a CRM system is extremely detrimental to the overall health of our customers’ organizations. We run our own off-site backup server in a different city from our main servers. W-Systems takes daily and weekly snapshots of our customers’ Sugar instance and stores them in three different locations so that the system can be restored in the event of human error or server failure. The image capture includes the operating system and all installed applications. This image is uploadable, so we have the ability to boot that image onto another piece of hardware if needed.

Bottom line is, no matter where you host your SugarCRM instance, make sure you do your due diligence in regards to backup and security procedures. If anything, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your customer and company data is protected against server crashes and unforeseen incidents.

For more information about SugarCRM hosting environments and backup best practices, contact us today.

W-Systems has updated it’s hosting offerings since the original publication date of this blog post. To learn more about our cloud hosting, click here