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How Military AutoSource Uses Sugar to Generate Better Leads

by Katie Liesmann on November 16, 2018

4 minute read

W-Systems was lucky to be represented at SugarCon 2018 by over forty customers who attended the annual conference to learn, network, and get the most out of their CRM implementations.

One of those customers was Military AutoSource (MAS). John Cannon, the IT director at MAS, and Tom Bohanan, Software Developer at MAS, spoke in one session about how MAS uses Sugar. Here’s their story!

Who is Military AutoSource?

MAS is a trusted source for overseas military service men and women to purchase vehicles. MAS sells cars, trucks, and motorcycles in thirty different countries, partners with nine vehicle manufacturers, and has locations in one hundred offices across the world.

How does Military AutoSource Use Sugar?

MAS has worked closely with the IT and marketing departments to develop a multi-channel lead generation model that they then brought to life using Sugar.

The multi-channel model implemented by MAS spans its website, mobile prospecting app, email marketing, and call center. They use each of these channels to collect leads and push them into Sugar. They then use Sugar to assign leads to sales reps and track all interactions and opportunities. Here’s more information on each channel:

  • Website: The MAS website is closely integrated with SugarCRM. After getting consent to cookie its website visitors, MAS then starts tracking and pushing visitor data to Sugar, such as what brochures they have downloaded and pages they have visited. MAS, in turn, uses all this data to further target its marketing for each visitor. MAS also uses web-to-lead forms to collect leads from its website and push them to Sugar.
  • Field Prospecting: Using a field mobile application called QuickTapSurvey to prospect more leads, MAS’s field reps collect data from military service men and women while visiting military bases. Using workflows, this data is all pushed to Sugar and automatically assigned to a sales rep.
  • Marketing Technology: Using data in Sugar collected from sources such as the mobile prospecting app, MAS targets each customer according to their needs through their email marketing platform. MAS has designed a customer journey and as they move through this customer journey, their lead score in their marketing automation platform increases. They use this lead scoring tool to qualify leads automatically.
  • Business Development Center: Through their contact center, MAS allows customers and prospects to engage with them on a 24/7 basis through inbound and outbound webchats and calls. All leads are entered into Sugar and automatically routed to sales.

What was the result for Military AutoSource?

Implementing a multi-channel lead generation strategy allowed Military AutoSource to collect more leads and increased the quality of the leads. Here’s the nitty-gritty details of the improvements they saw:

Because they chose Sugar and a cloud hosting option, it’s CRM deployment was easier and quicker to implement than it would have been if they did an on-premise implementation.

Their customers saw an improved experience as they received consistent experiences across multiple channels, and could contact MAS through the channel they prefer.

There is a faster lead assignment process--leads are now transferred from marketing to sales in a matter of seconds instead of minutes.

Access to collect lead data in the field using a mobile app has led to a 32% increase in prospecting for MAS.

Concluding Thoughts

In the future, MAS plans to expand their multi-channel strategy by also collecting leads from social media and communication applications such as WhatsApp. They will continue to increase the quantity and quality of their leads through their partnerships with SugarCRM and W-Systems. To learn more about how MAS uses Sugar, check out our MAS case study, Drive Safe with Sugar

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