[Free Datasheet Download] How Marketing Automation Fuels Scalable Growth

by Paul Scondac on February 10, 2016

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MARKETING AUTOMATION makes it much easier to manage, measure, customize, and optimize the customer experience across multiple online channels (e.g., email, web, social, events) and through all stages of the funnel – lead generation, scoring, nurturing, qualification, closed deals, and repeat sales.

THE RESULT: When you move from a cobbled-together set of disparate tools to one cohesive platform, you make marketing more effective – and set the stage for revenue growth.

Why Marketing Automation Works


  • Inbound and outbound can be managed from a single platform
  • Lead capturing and scoring fills the funnel and qualifies leads
  • Lead nurturing strengthens relationships over time
  • Lead segmentation happens automatically and allows you to craft effective, relevant campaigns
  • Tightly targeted messages deliver the content your prospects care about … at the right time


  • Personalized communications increase conversions
  • A/B testing identifies winning campaigns before launch
  • “Set-it-and-forget-it” programs automatically engage prospects


  • In-depth insights support smarter sales calls and reduce cold calls
  • Integration of CRM with real-time alerts lets sales prioritize activities
  • Shorter sales cycles + more qualified leads = happy sales teams


  • WYSIWYG editors make campaign- creation easy; no HTML or CSS
  • Integration with existing tools allows teams to keep what they’re used to
  • Intuitive interfaces mean no IT
  • support is needed to implement


  • Full-spectrum insights unlock the power of your data
  • Customized dashboards integrate critical data into a single view
  • Out-of-the-box reporting tracks ROI, from campaigns to revenue

Why Invest in Marketing Automation Now?


TOP LINE. Improved engagement drives more demand for your products and services, generates higher quality leads, and helps close sales.

BOTTOM LINE. Process and operational efficiencies decrease costs while increasing profitability.


BRAND RELEVANCE. Delivering personalized content at the right time dramatically increases your relevance in the customers’ eyes.

INCREASED EFFICIENCY. Campaign creation, launch, and management can be done quickly with no IT support. Automating common tasks requires fewer resources while increasing personalization.

DATA INTELLIGENCE. Visibility into campaign performance, personas, and buying stages optimizes marketing efforts and results. Funnel views attribute spend to revenue.


SALES & MARKETING COOPERATION. Mutual decisions to Calibrate and harmonize marketing and sales efforts increases interdepartmental trust.

BUYER INTELLIGENCE. Real-time intelligence helps marketing qualify more sales-ready leads and helps sales have warmer conversations with prospective buyers.

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