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HootSuite Adds SugarCRM to its App Directory

by Amanda Anderson on September 12, 2013

3 minute read

Twitter is a very versatile tool. It can be used for businesses to communicate with customers or to share news. It can also be used for personal use, like posting about Miley Cyrus’s performance at the VMAs or what you ate this morning. For personal use, people are accustomed to opening their Twitter app on their phone and posting a quick status update or sharing something that is of interest at that exact moment. For social media marketers, it’s a bit distracting to stop several times a day to post a new piece of content for Twitter, but also for LinkedIn, Google +, and Facebook.

Hootsuite logo

To help save time and better manage social media accounts, several applications popped up over the last few years to enable businesses to schedule social posts and more easily monitor the activity. HootSuite is one of the leading social relationship platforms for businesses with around seven million users. The marketing team at W-Systems uses HootSuite and it saves us a ton of time when posting on our company social media accounts. Which brings me to the main point of this post… HootSuite recently added a SugarCRM connector!

So why does this matter? Integrating your online communication with your CRM system closes the information gap between those two channels. Customer support cases and leads can be captured through the connector providing sales and support reps with more information to build more meaningful relationships.

Example One - Case Creation: A lot of companies use Twitter as a means for customer support. If a consumer posts a complaint about a product, the company can proactively address the concern and quickly resolve the issue leaving the customer feeling loved. With the HootSuite connector for SugarCRM, a user can quickly create a case from within HootSuite and push it over to the CRM to alert the support team. The case and tweet will forever be stored in the customer’s record.

SugarCRM Case

Example Two - Lead Creation: 

In HootSuite, you can set up a stream with a keyword or phrase such as a competitor's name. So anytime someone tweets that keyword it shows up in your stream. Let’s say someone tweets about their frustration about a competing product. With the connector, your social media marketer could instantly create and assign that tweet out as a lead from HootSuite and push it to SugarCRM with the name, lead source, and comment posted. The sales rep could then instantly follow up on this lead.

Social media campaigns take a lot of effort to create and manage. If executed properly, they can prove to be an important asset for your overall marketing strategy. Tools like HootSuite make it easier to manage those campaigns. With the addition of the SugarCRM connector, your company can complete the loop among social media, sales, and support.

For more information about the HootSuite connector, click here. For more information about SugarCRM connectors and integration tips, contact us today.

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