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Hitting the Sweet Spot: Act-On Adds more Sugar Functionality

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on September 12, 2014

5 minute read

One of the things that we love about Act-On Marketing Automation Software is how it seamlessly works with SugarCRM to provide a complete close-looped system for multi-channel lead generation, management, and revenue contribution.

Act-On has been hard at work over the last few months to bring parity between Salesforce and SugarCRM with a set of reports including the Revenue Attribution, Revenue Impact and Marketing Funnels that bring in additional information from your CRM solution.

These reports are available within your account when you sync your CRM data at least once under Reports > CRM Admin. To ensure that your data is kept up­to­date in this report go to the CRM Admin and schedule the importation of your CRM data then hit update.


Revenue Attribution Report

The Revenue Attribution Report allows you to attribute closed/won revenues to your various marketing assets. The report lets you see which assets and marketing touchpoints had the greatest influence on revenue.

The Revenue Attribution Report allows you to answer these reporting questions:

  • Which assets influenced the most revenues and deals?
  • Which Act-On campaigns influenced the most revenues and deals?


Revenue Impact Report

For Act-On accounts connected to Sugar, The Revenue Impact Report gives you a dashboard view of the revenue performance to your lead sources, campaigns and campaign types. 

The Revenue Impact reports on three main areas of your revenue generation process:

  1. New Leads
  2. New Opportunities Created
  3. Wins


Marketing Funnel Reports

Marketing Funnels provide you with powerful, yet simple analytics to track prospects through important conversions along the marketing-to-sales path.

They define and measure the lead flow and velocity of prospects through the marketing funnel and compare results across time periods. You can customize the criteria for each stage of the funnel using list profile fields, behavior, CRM data and lead scores.

This feature is still in beta and is not yet available for the general audience but will be available by the end of Q4.


To learn more about Act-On’s Integration with SugarCRM you can visit their website. Don’t miss our case study at the bottom!

Interested in learning more about Act-On and SugarCRM? Leave a comment below or get in touch with us on our website.