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Hint: The New SugarCRM Plug-In For Relationship Intelligence

by Katie Liesmann on June 27, 2017

3 minute read

Do you try to search for additional info on your prospects? Do you find them on different social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter? Do you scour their company website for contact info? Many sales reps spend time on these types of activities, which is why SugarCRM has been creating a lot of buzz about their newest product, Hint.

Hint is a plug-in for Sugar that can tell you something you don’t already know about your customer by pulling in data from multiple sources across the web.

How Hint Works

Hint requires a name and a company email address to identify your prospect. If you can provide that information, Hint will automatically pull in data for you. I ran a test on our own VP of Products and Technology, Bill Harrison, within the Hint plugin. First, I created a Lead with Bill’s full name and email address. That being the only information, the lead record below looks a little sparse.

Lead record

This is the point at which a sales rep might start doing some Googling to find additional information on the lead. With the Hint plug-in, I am able to hit the preview icon from the list view record in order to see what Hint can find for me.

Preview icon

Next, I clicked on the cloud icon at the top right of the record in order to pull in all the information that Hint had found. Now, my Lead record for Bill provides a more holistic view of who Bill is and what talking points might resonate with him.

Record information

I already know Bill really well (see the picture of us presenting at SugarCon together below--yes that’s me in the robot suit and pink high heels)--so I don’t really need all this information. But the fact that I know a lot about Bill just makes it easier for me to confirm that Hint does in fact pull in accurate data.

Benefits of Hint:

Hint could effectively create improvements in user adoption and your sales success metrics. Here are some other benefits of using Hint for relationship intelligence: 

  • Having access to comprehensive information increases the probability of making a strong connection with a prospect during the first conversation
  • Build a more holistic, 360-degree view of your customer profile
  • Automatically fill in gaps in contact data so reps can use time more effectively
  • Rather than searching outside websites, Sugar can become the go-to source of information on prospects and customers--increasing user adoption of Sugar

This is just Phase One of Hint. We predict that future product updates will incorporate additional data sources and allow you to pull data into custom fields. SugarCRM announced the general availability of Hint on June 27th. Hint works with any licensed edition of Sugar 7.8 or late. For pricing and more information, reach out to W-Systems here.

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