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Highlights on SugarCRM’s Mobile App

by Amanda Anderson on October 23, 2014

4 minute read

There has been a lot of buzz around SugarCRM’s new product, Sugar 7. The new version has several great new features and is easier to use. Under the hood, Sugar 7 has an entirely different framework than version 6. Sugar completely rebuilt the application using a more modern framework, keeping both usability and mobility in mind. In the past, Sugar has had a few various versions of its mobile application. There were limitations with previous versions of the mobile app and the user experience on a mobile device was different than the desktop application. With the new framework in version 7, SugarCRM was able to build a clean, easy to use native app with the same user experience as the desktop version.

Here are some of the highlights we found with SugarCRM Mobile.

Ease of Use

Sugar Mobile is included in every Sugar subscription and is compatible with Android, iPhone, and iPad. The app is easy to install and you can get up and running in seconds. Admins of Sugar can configure mobile layouts and settings from Sugar’s administration section. Sugar Mobile’s offline sync truly makes it easy for users to access data. When using the application on the road, users can retrieve or log customer information even when there is no connection to the Internet or service provider. When your app reconnects, your changes or additions will be applied to the database. The app encourages CRM use by providing users a tool that is familiar, easy to use, and has up-to-date information because it pulls in real time from the same database as the desktop application.

Quick Access to SugarCRM Data

SugarCRM Mobile gives users access to key CRM information to manage sales, marketing, and support activities. Users have the same quick create, dynamic search, and filters as they do in the desktop version. From the home screen, users can quickly see their upcoming events and which records were recently updated. By selecting the star icon next to a record, they can easily mark that record as a favorite which will also update the record in the desktop application. The quick create menu enables users to quickly access common modules such as logging a call or creating a support case for a record.

SugarCRM Data

Native Phone Integration

SugarCRM Mobile’s native device integrations include click-to-call, click-to-text, email, and GPS mapping. When viewing a Contact record, users can click the phone icon to place a call. If multiple phone numbers are associated with the record, the user will have the option to select which number they wish to dial. After the call is placed and you hang up, the app will ask if you'd like to log the call in the contact record. If you choose "yes", a call record will be created with the date and start/end time of the call. You can then log any notes from the call directly into Sugar.


The click to text feature also works natively with the device. If you select the comment bubble icon, you will be taken to your text message application. Similarly, the email icon on a Lead, Contact, or Account record will pull up the native email application on your device and will auto place the email address from the record into the "to" line of the email draft. When selecting the map icon, the user will be redirected to the native map application on the device and the address that is stored in the record will automatically show on the map.

SugarCRM Mobile has a lot of capability to date and work is being done to continuously improved both the tablet and phone versions of the app to provide even more functionality. To learn more about SugarCRM Mobile, click here. If you would like more information about upgrading to version 7, contact us today.