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Hidden Credentials and Passwords in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on March 24, 2011

2 minute read

A quick trip to the water cooler could mean leaving your CRM system open to the roaming eyes of Peeping Toms, co-workers, or visiting clients. SugarCRM Professional and Enterprise editions come with a secure platform that restricts database entry with a user login. Role management features also extend protection and define field level security access of certain teams or users. However, once logged into the CRM, the data is open to anyone in range of sight.

SugarCRM Credentials tab

W-Systems' engineers created a blackout feature in SugarCRM to hide any confidential information. We implemented this in our internal CRM system because we sometimes demo our own Sugar instance to clients. We also needed to protect certain client information in case we have a customer visiting our office and walking around. The blackout, shown in the screenshot, covers up the data, but does not delete it. When highlighting the blackout area with the cursor, the hidden data shows through. By clicking the blackout area once, the user can copy the data to the clipboard without highlighting and revealing the data.

W-Systems uses SugarCRM for our own business and we realize how critical it is for the CRM system to be secure before and after a user logs in. Because we live and breath SugarCRM with integrations, customizations, and managing our own business, we are quick to identify more efficient solutions for our clients. For more information about protecting data in an open Sugar session contact us here.