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Sales and Marketing Relationships: Getting Them on the Same Page

By Senraj Soundar • November 7th, 2017

These are the steps to follow if you wish to achieve synergy between your Sales and Marketing teams and enjoy higher revenues. Read More »

Your Role on the Customer Journey

By Amy Duchene • October 23rd, 2017

Knowing what your customers might do and guiding them to the place you want them to be, ultimately could directly affect your sales outcome. Read More »

GoldMine Showcase: IntelliClick

By Paul Scondac & Sarah Friedlander Garcia • October 18th, 2017

In this webinar, we showcased IntelliClick, the GoldMine integrated Email and Website Marketing solution. Read More »

GoldMine User Group: Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards

By Paul Scondac • September 15th, 2017

In this GoldMine User Group, we discussed how to take advantage of the powerful dashboards feature in GoldMine. Read More »

The Benefit of CRM for Sales

By Paul Petersen • September 5th, 2017

Having been involved with sales & marketing systems for over 25 years, Paul Petersen, VP of GoldMine, shares some tips on how to get more sales out of your CRM. Read More »

Building Contact Groups from SQL Queries in GoldMine

By Fred Block • August 23rd, 2017

While there are different methods for building a contact group in GoldMine, this article discusses building a contact group using a SQL query. Read More »

Using CRM to Improve Customer Onboarding

By Christopher Teague • August 16th, 2017

While some businesses may lack an onboarding program, many more are using technology solutions like CRM to help them both implement and monitor the initiatives. Read More »

How to Drive Sales Effectiveness with Automation

By George Brontén • August 4th, 2017

In an ideal scenario, sales and marketing would work in tandem. Here’s what that looks like, and how to achieve it. Read More »

Contact Management Systems & Ticomix’s CRM Division join W-Systems

By Sarah Friedlander Garcia • July 26th, 2017

W-Systems continues to grow, and we are excited to have acquired two well regarded CRM organizations: CMS and Ticomix's CRM division. Read More »

Automated Processes in GoldMine

By Bob Francis • July 6th, 2017

See how almost anything done in GoldMine can be done automatically through Automated Processes. Read More »

GoldMine Implementation Made Easy

By Bob Francis • May 10th, 2017

See what should be done when setting up a new instance of GoldMine. We’ll answer basic questions and walk through the steps needed. Read More »

Help Users Enter Clean Data in GoldMine

By Matthew Cooke • May 10th, 2017

Learn how to set up pre-populated lookup values in GoldMine and utilize the LOOKUP.INI file, to have one field value fill in another field Read More »

The True Cost of SaaS: Find Out How to Save Money

By Paul Petersen • April 3rd, 2017

There are a lot of assumptions about SaaS pricing. We examine the top four myths. Read More »

Super Bowl Coaching Strategies for CRM

By Paul Petersen • January 30th, 2017

Let's ask the question: How would a Super Bowl coach running a small business manage their CRM system? Read More »

CRM: More than a Sales Tool

By Paul Petersen • December 6th, 2016

Learn more about utilizing CRM in key areas Inside your organization with GoldMine. Read More »