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GoldMine User Group: Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards

by Paul Scondac on September 15, 2017

7 minute read

On September 7th, we had our GoldMine User Group Meeting, where we discussed how to take advantage of the powerful dashboards feature in GoldMine to view relevant visual summaries of important data and drill down for more actionable information.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

Still have more questions about GoldMine? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Welcome and Introduction to GoldMine User Group
  • GoldMine News Roundup
  • GoldMine Resources & Training
  • Feature Topic – Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards
  • GoldMine Q&A Session

News Roundup

GoldMine Q3 Promotions (Expire September 29th)

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Meet the Faces of W-Systems

GoldMine Company History

  • GoldMine was acquired by FrontRange Software in 1999
  • FrontRange (parent company of GoldMine) changed its name in 2013 to Heat Software
  • Heat Software was acquired by Ivanti (formerly LanDesk) in 2017

GoldMine Releases

GoldMine Resources

GoldMine Resources

GoldMine Resources by W-Systems

GoldMine Training Center

GoldMine’s Training Center is divided into four different sections:

  1. Basics
  2. Dashboards
  3. Advanced: System Admin
  4. Definitive Guide

Using and Creating Real Time Dashboards in GoldMine

GoldMine User Group Q&A

Can you print the graphs or charts on a dashboard?

Yes. If you want to save or print a particular chart from a dashboard to attach to a document, the first step is, within the graph area, to right-click to turn on your toolbar. Once the toolbar is enabled, select Print from the controls to print the chart on a page.

A more frequently used option, if you want to attach the chart in a document or email, is to copy to clipboard. You can then attach the chart as an image file in your document of choice.

Can you control who can view and make modifications to these dashboards? Can you make changes to a predefined dashboard (and keep the original?)

Master GoldMine users have control over everything in GoldMine, including creating and editing dashboards. For custom dashboards you configured, you can control who can view them.

One related question that comes up frequently is if you have a predefined dashboard included with GoldMine that you want to make some small adjustments to, such as variables. What you can do is make a copy of that dashboard, name it differently than the default one, change where it’s pulling the data from and customize it as you want. Typically, you would be using the same data source, but you can make whatever updates you want to the dashboard to be more relevant for you.

Cloning or copying dashboards and using them as a starting point to do something that’s relevant for your business is something we see quite often.

What is the best way to import an Excel file into GoldMine?

In GoldMine, click on File → Import/Export → Import Contact Records. Select the Excel file (it needs to have a .csv extension) and map the fields from the Excel spreadsheet to the fields to which you want to import the data in GoldMine.

The advantage of using this method is that you have more control over the import process. This is a great way to import if you want to structure certain fields or parse particular cells.

With GoldMine 2017, you can use our Excel plug-in to perform simpler imports and exports directly from within Microsoft Excel.  GoldMine usually provides multiple solutions to choose from.

For more complex imports, perhaps maybe not from Excel but from other data sources, you can always utilize the resources at W-Systems, they are excellent at that.The methods we covered are used for importing from Excel files, which only contain rows of data. But for related data, such as Contacts related to Accounts, related to Call records and such, you may need to go beyond GoldMine’s basic import functionality. But those are things that we can easily help with.

New GoldMine Outlook Integration Q&A

Is there a GoldMine setting that will auto-sync with Outlook? Will email communications sync as well?

There is. With GoldMine 2017.1, syncing can occur at a predetermined time limit that you establish. For instance, Outlook and GoldMine can sync your appointments, your calendar, and your contacts every 15 minutes. New contacts in GoldMine can be automatically synced to Outlook as well. These features are included in GoldMine 2017, which comes with a redeveloped and reconfigured version of the Outlook link.

Email communications are synced, essentially, by the user. When you get an email in Outlook, you can then choose to have that email linked, and you can do it on a case-by-case basis. If you do want to have all emails from a particular contact automatically linked, there is an option in the new GoldMine version that actually allows you to automatically sync ever email from certain contacts, from Outlook to GoldMine.

That being said, I would recommend syncing emails on a case-by-case basis, since not every message is relevant to someone else, especially since everyone in an organization is sharing information in GoldMine. But, this is a personal choice, how you sync email conversations is entirely up to you.

With the new Outlook integration, is it possible to add a new record in Outlook and have it create a new record in GoldMine?

It is. When Outlook contact records are created, it will create a corresponding contact in GoldMine. This happens during the sync process and it occurs at a predetermined time. At that time, a check is performed to see if there are new contact records in Outlook, and if there are, corresponding contacts are created in GoldMine.

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