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GoldMine User Group: Best Practices for Using the Search Center

by Paul Scondac on January 17, 2018

5 minute read

On January 9th, we had our GoldMine User Group, where we showed our best practices for using GoldMine's Search Center.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

Still have more questions about GoldMine? Feel free to reach out to our team here, and we’ll be happy to answer!


  • Recap of Last User Group Webinar
  • GoldMine News Roundup
  • GoldMine Resources & Training
  • Feature Topic – Best Practices for Using the Search Center
  • GoldMine Q&A Session

Last User Group Meeting

November 2017: GoldMine 2018.1 Preview

News Roundup

GoldMine Releases

  • GoldMine 2018.1 offers a new look and feel with custom themes and fonts, simplified and streamlined Outlook plugin, tighter integration to Constant Contact, and several enhancements to the web interface.

GoldMine & wMobile Q1 Promo (Expires 3/31)

  • For both new and existing customers looking to add licenses of GoldMine and wMobile as a bundle we are offering a special promotion.
    • 30% discount on purchase of GoldMine/wMobile Bundle
  • Contact us for details!

GoldMine Resources

GoldMine Resources

GoldMine Resources by W-Systems

GoldMine Training Center

GoldMine’s Training Center is divided into four different sections:

  1. Basics
  2. Dashboards
  3. Advanced: System Admin
  4. Definitive Guide

Best Practices for Using the Search Center

GoldMine User Group Q&A

How do I find a word or words that might in appear in notes somewhere in my GoldMine system?

To find text in notes, attached documents or email messages, we use GoldMine’s Universal Search feature, which you can use to search for a specific word or a string of text. You can also choose where the Universal Search feature looks for that text, such as Contacts, Notes, Opportunities, etc., and it will even pinpoint the column in which the text was found.

Does Universal Search have to be enabled?

Yes. A GoldMine master user needs to install Universal Search by going to Tools → Configure → System Settings → Advanced, and clicking the ‘Install’ button under Universal Search.
By default, Universal Search displays results from your whole GoldMine system, but if you want to customize your search to specific areas, such as History or Notes, go to Advanced and select which areas you want to be included in your search. Also, notice that if you click on any result, you will be redirected to the record’s location in GoldMine, where you’ll be able to get a detailed view of that record.

For the email merge, are the various recipients hidden from one another?

Yes. When sending email directly from GoldMine using templates, if you select multiple recipients, they will be sent out as individual emails.

Where are stored searches saved?

Your stored searches are saved in your Filters or Groups in the Search Center. Many organizations use public filters that are saved once and can then be used by more users, but you can also have your own filters, and, if you right-click on a filter, you’ll get a preview of the search results.

What happens if I can’t see a record that I’m searching for?

The Search Center displays records that you have permission to view, so it could be that there are other records in your GoldMine system, but that are not available to you based on your GoldMine view rights and permissions.