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GoldMine Showcase: Riva CRM Integration

by Roxana Rangu on February 21, 2018

3 minute read

In this GoldMine Showcase, we highlighted how the Riva CRM Integration can directly sync GoldMine to email systems such as Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, and Google Apps.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this webinar. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

If you have questions about Riva CRM Integration or would like an individual demo, feel free to contact us.


  • Introduction
  • Riva CRM Integration
    • About Riva
    • What does Riva do?
    • Riva Cross-Device Functionality?
    • How does Riva Look to Users
    • Demo
  • GoldMine Showcase Q&A Session

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

How much does Riva Cost?

Riva is $175 per user per year and it is an annual subscription.

I am using the Outlook plug-in today. How does Riva work with it?

They cannot operate simultaneously. The Outlook plug-in is using the same objects that Riva would use (calendar items, contacts, and emails). When transitioning from the plug-in to the server to server sync, turn off the plug-in in Outlook. As far as some of the use cases regarding the calendar, the Riva client engagement team can work with you so that Riva will start syncing calendar items for everything in the future and not touch anything past a certain date.

Many organizations using GoldMine move from using the Outlook plug-in to Riva, the main reason being that Riva works regardless if you are on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Riva allows that user to manage the email, calendar and contacts sync regardless of the email clients they’re using. It enables that same activity and the same syncing from their mobile device in addition to Outlook or whatever their email client is.

Does Riva work with multi-languages (e.g. French, German, etc…)

The Riva interface is in English, but Riva is agnostic and able to import all languages.

Does Riva Support UTF-8 encoding?

 Yes, UTF-8 encoding is supported.

Who should I contact to arrange a Riva Trial? Riva or W-Systems?

If you have any questions about Riva, would like to request a trial, or learn more how Riva might be applicable in your situation, you can reach out to Riva or contact us directly

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