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Getting More Out of Sugar Dashlets

by Katie Liesmann on September 10, 2015

4 minute read

Dashboards and Dashlets are designed to prioritize information and help you stay organized in Sugar. By taking advantage of these tools, you can spend your time within the system more effectively.

In Sugar, a Dashlet is a chart or list which pulls data from a module or report. You can organize and display Dashlets into groups called Dashboards. Watch our quick tutorial on Dashboards and Dashlets to learn how to create them. Once you have learned to create them, use the tips below to get the most out of them.

Determine What Information You Want to Prioritize

Ask yourself, “What information do I need to access everyday? Which modules do I click into the most?” This is how to decide which Dashboards and Dashlets you want on your home page. If you’re a sales manager, you might want a separate Dashboard to manage your team. On the other hand, a marketer might want to have separate Dashboards for marketing and sales KPIs.

Adjust Settings of Each Dashlet

In Sugar 7, the out-of-the-box Dashlets each have their own settings which you can use to optimize your Dashlet views. Depending on the Dashlet, these may include:

  • Toggling between information for different groups (just you or your whole team)
  • Eliminating categories from charts that are not relevant to you
  • How often you want the Dashlet to refresh
  • Selecting the timespan from the dropdown

Once you adjust these settings, they will be stored in your browser’s cookies and will be the same when you return to this Dashboard.


Alternate between "My Pipeline" and "My Team's Pipeline" views


Switch between quarters

Add Dashlets to Your Intelligence Panel

Sugar 7 includes the capability to add Dashlets to all levels of the system, including your home page, list views, and records. This is enabled through the new Intelligence Panel. This panel on the right side of the screen allows you to display different Dashlets based on what module you are in.

Add Dashlets to Your Intelligence Panel

It can be valuable to display report Dashlets next to relevant modules, such as a chart of leads broken down into lead source next to the Leads List View (see image below). Creating context sensitive Dashlets such of these increases the effectiveness of your time spent in Sugar.

Create Dashlet

Take Advantage of Saved Reports

You can quickly access KPIs and metrics in a Dashlet by pulling in a saved report. Depending on your position you will have different saved reports that are relevant to you. As a marketer, I chose to pull in saved reports that I have created on leads and lead source.

Saved Reports

Jump on the Social CRM Bandwagon

The Activity Stream was revamped for the release of Sugar 7, and is part of the movement towards social CRM. It has enormous benefits when used as a communication tool because it prevents switching back and forth between email and Sugar. Use the symbol @ to reference other users and # to reference a record. In the image below, you can see Sarah Smith was tagged to review a proposal, without any external emails being sent.  

Social CRM

Custom Dashlets

While Sugar’s out-of-the-box Dashlets are helpful for most users, some organizations have a very unique sales cycle. In these cases, we recommend working with a Sugar partner to create custom Dashlets. Whether it’s a Dashlet that displays custom information or allows for inline editing to a related module, a Sugar partner should be able to create any Dashlet you need to make your system more efficient. 

To learn more about custom Dashlets or getting more out of your Dashlets, contact us today.

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