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Get a SmartStart: Do You Trust Your Sales Forecast?

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia & Paul Scondac on June 30, 2017

4 minute read

On June 22nd, we had our SmartStart webinar where we demonstrated techniques on how to use CRM to enable your team to systematically and quickly organize sales pipeline information.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this webinar. Below is the video recording, slide deck, and Q&A.

If you have questions about the CRM tools that we demonstrated during our presentation, feel free to contact us.


  • About W-Systems
  • How to Use CRM to Organize Sales Pipeline Information
    • Measure sales productivity by tracking new pipeline entries.
    • Organize sales development by using sales stage terminology.
    • Calculate your win and loss rates.
    • Use CRM workflows to keep your team involved in the activities that support the sales team. 
  • Q&A

Slide Deck

Questions & Answers

Are updates that are made by one person available to everyone in real time?

Absolutely. All the information that's captured in Sugar is controlled by role. You can make secure internal notes that you may not want somebody else to see. But by default, everything is globally visible in real time, at the moment of capture.

Does it work on mobile?

Yes. SugarCRM has a mobile application for iOS and Android, and it is part of the Sugar license fee, so there is no additional cost for mobile. Also, mobile can be configured to work in an offline mode. If you do not have access to the internet or WiFi, you'd still have access to your Sugar data.

How long does this take to deploy?

This depends on the situation. For companies that have very simplified sales processes or an existing process in place, it can be quite quick. For companies that do not, it could take a couple of days for us to work with you to figure out the best methodology and tactics, to deploy. In general, we have the pipeline functionality, once the data is imported, up and running within the first couple of days of implementation.

Can I import my current forecasts that I keep in Excel?

Yes, we can work with you to clean up your Excel spreadsheets and that Sugar has the provided fields and dropdown values inside of Sugar, and import from Sugar very easily through its import utility.

Can I use my own sales stages?

Yes, the cornerstone of any implementation is to make it personalized to your use case with your vernacular, things that your team is going to understand. The milestones for every sales organization are different whether you're a service company or you're selling a product. It's a simple dropdown field, and it spreads across all the functionality that we showed today.

We are currently using ECI's TeamDesign for our ordering project management and accounting functions. Can Sugar be interfaced with ECI TeamDesign?

Yes, Sugar is a commercial open-sourced product, meaning that we have a full API set to anything seen in this demo. Most of our most successful implementations are integrated to both an ERP and an accounting backend. I’d be happy to take that conversation further from a technical perspective, but we would certainly suggest that you look at an integrated path because when we talk about forecasting, that's what we're asking the sales team to give us. Real-time sales are something we can give back to them through integration and increase the adoption of the system.