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Generating Labels in wDocs

by Alexandra Voiculescu on January 24, 2017

3 minute read

We recently updated wDocs: Sugar Document Automation with the ability to Generate Labels.

Generating Labels allows you to merge multiple records into label documents. This blog post will illustrate the process of creating a template document for labels, and how the functions can be used.


1. Open a document editor (e.g. Microsoft Word) and create a new file. You need to use Sugar Studio field names (as seen in the image below) to pull data from Sugar records. You will also need to write any field names you want to use inside curly brackets {}.

2. Generate Labels document templates should start with the parent tag {#records cols=x},(x is the number of columns you wish the merged document to have), and end with {/records}. Inside the parent tag, each record needs to be opened and closed with {#recordn}{/recordn} (n is a numeric value, used to order records – 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.) Inside these child tags, you can add any information – field names inside curly brackets that you want pulled from the records.

3. Create a table inside the document, using a number of columns equal to the x in {#records cols=x}. You can format this table as you see fit. To get a better understanding, see the example below:

4. After you’ve saved the document, log into your Sugar Instance and click the dropdown next to Documents. Select Create Document.

5. When creating the Sugar document, make sure the following options are set:

  • The Template checkbox is ticked
  • The Document Module is selected
  • The Template document has been chosen
  • Use Revisions can be checked, but it isn’t mandatory

6. Click Save.

Generating Labels

To create labels from Sugar, go to the module you chose when you created the Sugar document template.

From the list view, select which records you want to generate labels from. Then, from the Actions dropdown, select Generate Labels. You will then need to select which template you want to use. wDocs will then start to generate the document file (depending on how many records selected, the time can vary.) You will get a message pop-up when the document has been created.

Finally, you can download the generated file by going to the Documents module, and clicking the link found under the File Name column.

Using the same document templates as seen in this guide, the generated labels should look like this:

Supported Field types by Generate Labels and Future Updates

The current version of wDocs (as of this posting) supports the following field types:

  • Decimal
  • TextField
  • TextArea
  • Address
  • Checkbox – without formatting
  • Date
  • Encrypt
  • Float
  • Integer
  • Datetime
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Dropdown
  • Multiselect
  • Name
  • Currency
  • Radio

We are currently working on a new version, which will add support to more field types including Checkboxes (with formatting), and the Image field type (JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP). In addition to this, we are also developing a new way to multimerge records and export them as a PDF file.

For more information on wDocs, be sure to visit our Product Page, and check our SugarCRM blog to stay updated on future wDocs releases and new functionality.