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SMBs Gain Competitive Edge using CRM & Contact Center Software

by Rachel Brink on August 16, 2016

3 minute read

Small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) are often considered to be the backbone of the modern economy, and the cornerstone of today’s communities. But running an SMB can come with its own set of challenges—particularly, trying to do a lot with very few resources. While it can often times feel like an uphill battle, there are a few ways smaller businesses can effectively compete with, and even gain a leg up on larger and enterprise level companies, without it costing an arm and a leg. How?—delivering an exceptional customer experience through advanced customer engagement technologies—specifically, customer relationship management and cloud contact center solutions.

The Evolution of Customer Engagement Solutions (Contact Center Software).

Until relatively recently, advanced customer engagement solutions were available only to those large enterprise businesses that had the resources (IT personnel, servers, infrastructure, etc.) to support them. But over the past several years, the standardization of technology has led to the emergence of cloud services, enabling businesses with fewer resources to utilize advanced software solutions at a fraction of the cost. But while proven to be more flexible, scalable, and reliable, cloud solutions have not quite hit mainstream adoption for larger enterprises, as they have already invested in other solutions, and are faced with strict security requirements.

How can SMBs Gain a Leg Up on Larger Businesses by Combining their CRM with a Cloud Contact Center Solution?

  1. Unified agent desktop: Users can seamlessly integrate all customer engagement channels (voice, email, text, chat, social media) with their CRM to help unify the agent desktop and streamline the customer journey, something that is rather difficult to achieve with traditional communications platforms.
  2. Resource Optimization: Based on predetermined employee skill sets, client needs, or client details (pulled from the CRM), customers can automatically be routed to the individual best skilled to meet their needs, no matter the channel.
  3. Automated manual processes: Once callers are connected to the appropriate individual, user screens will automatically populate the client’s CRM record/previous interactions for more knowledgeable engagements. Users will also have access to convenient click-to-call buttons and auto dialing capabilities within the CRM.
  4. Enhanced Insights: Supervisors will have access to a real-time dashboard, customizable reporting engines, and call recordings to understand their team’s overall performance. They will also have the ability to silently monitor agents during calls and whisper suggestions when needed.

Enterprise level software is no longer just for enterprises. Curious what an integrated CRM and contact center software can do for your business? For a demo of our recommended contact center solution, 3CLogic, reach out to W-Systems here

This is a guest post by our contact center solutions partner, 3CLogic

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