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Free Sugar Theme, Training, and More!

by Amanda Anderson on January 3, 2013

2 minute read

Yesterday was my first day back at the office in 2013. Our tree is still up and there are leftover candy canes and holiday cookies in the breakroom. There’s no sign that the holidays are over here at W-Systems, so what better time, than now, to give away a few gifts to the Sugar community for FREE.

1. Google Theme for SugarCRM: Licensed versions of SugarCRM come preloaded with different themes or skins to choose from. Users can change the colors and design of their individual Sugar account by switching the theme style in the user’s settings. One of W-Systems’s engineers, Danny Mulvihill, built a Google theme for SugarCRM as one of his side projects. The styling mimics the look and .feel of Google’s navigation menu, search bar, buttons, and color scheme.

. Google Theme for SugarCRM  

2. SugarCRM Training Videos: Our video library includes short SugarCRM training videos hosted by W-Systems engineers. Topics include reporting, email campaigns, sales forecasting, admin setup, and more!

To view our online training videos, CLICK HERE.

3. Online SugarCRM User Group: A webcast series for Sugar users to receive free Sugar training, learn CRM best practices, and share implementation techniques. The next webcast is on January 29th and will cover Reporting in SugarCRM.

To register for the next webinar, CLICK HERE.

4. SugarCRM Code Base Search Engine: Quickens and simplifies the process for developers who are searching for specific pieces of code in SugarCRM’s code base. W-Systems' search engine is free to the Sugar community and enables developers to run a quick search across many versions of Sugar simultaneously.

To read more about this Search Engine, CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, contact us today. Happy New Year!

This free theme was removed in January 2014 due to the release of Sugar 7. The SugarCRM Code Base Search Engine was discontinued in 2016.

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