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Four Lessons CRM Can Learn from Mister Rogers

by Katie Liesmann on March 21, 2019

5 minute read

I have to admit something...I love Mister Rogers. So much so that when we planned an open house at our Austin, Texas office back in October of 2018, the theme was “Won’t you be our neighbor”?

Be our neighbor bash banner image

Let’s just say that the release of Won’t You Be My Neighbor, a documentary about Fred Rogers, hasn’t lightened my obsession at all. It turns out that Mister Rogers not only had good lessons for children but also for organizations using CRM. So here it is: four lessons for CRM from Mister Rogers.

Be a Good Neighbor

You knew this one was coming—right? Rather than call children his “friends” or his “guests”, he called them his neighbors. Being a neighbor has an underlying meaning that you have a commitment to the wellbeing and safety of someone. We can take this same idea and apply it to our neighbors at work, otherwise known as our colleagues. When we look at it in this light, it makes sense to keep data up-to-date in your CRM so that you can make things easier for your teammates.

If you are on the front lines, the best way to do this is to log all your data in the CRM—whether that’s logging your supports calls, sales meetings, or marketing emails. If you have influence over a CRM it is your duty to make sure data entry is simple for your team by automating as much data logging as possible.

Mr Rogers Gif

Sometimes People (and CRMs) Get Divorced

Part of what makes Mister Rogers so fascinating is the way he could cover something as light-hearted as tying a shoe and something as hard-hitting as death or politics. In one episode, Mister Rogers covered divorce.

What Mister Rogers taught children was that even after two people have been together for a long time—they sometimes are so unhappy with each other that they decide it’s time to move on. He encouraged children to talk about it and how they were feeling—and to know it wasn’t their fault.

Well, guess what? This applies to CRM as well. Sometimes, an organization chooses the wrong software at the time of its initial deployment. A good example is highlighted in this case study we did with our customer, Searchmetrics, where they started with one platform and later chose to switch to a new platform that better suited their needs.

It’s OK to Make Believe

When it comes to CRM—you need to dream big.

Mr Rogers Gif 2

The options and flexibility of platforms available today allow you to dream up almost anything. We’ve built miniature racetracks that automatically logged lap times in the CRM, and portals for Skeeball players to track their scores in their CRM for national competitions.

Your job is to figure out what the utopian CRM would do for you. Imagine:

  • What features would make your users jump for joy?
  • What challenges would CRM help you overcome?
  • What tasks (any task!) could you streamline with automation?

After that, you can figure out how to deploy your ideas by working with a partner like W-Systems to figure out the best and most realistic way to implement the CRM of your dreams.

Look for the Helpers

Speaking of partners (see the previous paragraph), another thing Mister Rogers encouraged was that you should look for “the helpers” when you are in a situation that you aren’t sure what to do.

Mr Rogers quote screenshot

This is where working with a CRM partner comes into play. While you can certainly implement a CRM yourself—we recommend working with a CRM partner because:

  • They’ve experienced countless CRM implementations and can advise you on best practices.
  • They can save you time and money by getting your CRM implementation right the first time.
  • They have a whole house of resources such as training, marketing content, and support designated to helping their CRM customers.
  • They are most likely really cool people, just like you.

Can’t you tell I liked to play “Make Believe” when I was a child? I had so much fun thinking of ways to relate CRM and Mister Rogers, that I think I may write about Disney next time…To Learn more about CRM best practices and optimization, reach out to W-Systems today.

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