Filters in SugarCRM’s Select Menu

by Amanda Anderson on November 9, 2011

Additional Filters Shorten Search Time in SugarCRM’s Select Menu.

The ability to filter is critical when your data count gets into the hundreds of thousands in your CRM system. W-Systems ran into this issue when trying to organize our customer support cases in SugarCRM. Each month our engineers create hundreds of case records. Each of these cases has to be assigned to a project so it can be billed correctly.

To relate a project to a case, W-Systems clicked the “Select” button in the subpanel of that case.

After clicking “Select”, a pop-up window appeared where we could then search and filter through all of the project records in the CRM system. This was very time consuming because there were hundreds of projects associated with all of our clients. In the pop-up window, Sugar has default filters such as “Name”, “Project Type”, and “Project Status”. Because SugarCRM has the ability to filter any field in the Case record, W-Systems was able to add a filter for “Account Name”.

Now when you click the “Select” Project button, the search results only show a list of projects associated with the same account as the case. This has greatly reduced the time it takes to find the appropriate project to relate the case too. This filter can also be applied to any “Select” button in Sugar, such as in the Documents, Contacts, and Leads, subpanels.

For more information about filtering search results in SugarCRM’s select menu, contact us today.

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