Filter Results in the History Subpanel in SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on September 12, 2011

Always Searching for Something - Even in Search Results?

Each day I search on hundreds of items. This could be anything from Google search to searching emails to searching records in our SugarCRM system. Picking that key search term is critical to getting the most relevant results. Often, I find myself searching through the search results or further filtering to really get what I need.

In SugarCRM, there is a global search feature that finds your key search term in standard and custom modules. Users can search through different modules such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Notes, etc.

Depending on the search term, the global search may bring back too many results - requiring the user to filter through the search results. One of W-Systems’s customers needed the ability to search through the History subpanel within Accounts. The History subpanel includes all calls, meetings, notes, tasks, and emails associated with a particular Account. The customer needed the ability to more directly search on these activities within a particular Account so that all results were relevant and less time was spent filtering through search results.

W-Systems built a search feature into the History subpanel and added a search bar at the top of the subpanel.


Once a search term is entered, the history subpanel instantly brings back the activities that include the search term and are associated with that Account.


In addition to Accounts, the subpanel search bar can be added to other modules such as Contacts, Opportunities, Leads, etc. With the search enhancement to the history subpanel in place, the customer can more quickly search through entire emails, calls, and other activities directly associated within the desired Account.

If you have any questions, or for more information on subpanel filters in SugarCRM, contact us today.

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