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FedEx Shipping Integration with SugarCRM

by Amanda Anderson on November 7, 2012

4 minute read

Sugar CRM allows you to easily create FedEx shipping labels and track shipments.

I received a chat message last week from one of our engineers, Jim Rybarski. He wanted to let me know about a cool customer project he recently completed.

Jim: Amanda I have a cool thing that might make a good blog post

Me: I like cool things! What's it about

Jim: It is a FedEx integration. so basically you click a button and it sets up a shipment with FedEx and sends you back a PDF shipping label to print out. Then it automatically checks the tracking status and updates it in sugar whenever it changes

Jim: Oh and it can request that a courier comes to pick up your package if you don't have regular pickup service

After reading Jim’s message, I immediately wanted to see a demo of this integration. It not only was a cool concept, but it makes perfect sense for companies who ship products to their customers. The integration uses Sugar’s product catalog to create shipment orders and it predetermines the weight of the shipment.  Here’s how it all works: We built a custom module to create and store all of the shipments. When creating a shipment you simply select the customer to relate it to, and the quote, invoice, or purchase order that is associated with the shipment. You then choose how you would like it to be shipped and delivered via FedEx.

Creating a shipment  

The next step is to choose the products/items you want shipped. W-Systems customized Sugar’s product items in the product catalog to include a field for item weight. When creating a shipment, users can then choose an item and quantity from Sugar’s product catalog and it will auto calculate the weight of the shipment. You are then asked to enter in the package/box size. Now that you know the weight and size of the shipment, FedEx will then be able to instantly generate a price for your shipment.

After the shipment is created, a FedEx shipping label is automatically generated from Sugar as a PDF and can be printed out and placed on your box. Also, the FedEx tracking number is automatically inserted into the shipment record in Sugar and is a hyperlink to the order on FedEx’s website. FedEx is then automatically notified that you have a package waiting to be picked up.

When setting up the integration, you have to use your FedEx business account so that you can automatically pay for the shipments. Once the package is picked up and scanned by FedEx, your account will be automatically billed.  The shipping status is automatically tracked by pulling in FedEx’s tracking data directly into Sugar. Users can view the tracking history directly from the history subpanel in the shipment’s record.

shipment’s record

After the package has been delivered, the delivery date and shipment status are automatically updated. Also, if a signature was required with delivery, that signature will automatically be stored with the shipment record.

 Shipment status

Our FedEx shipping module was a custom integration project for one of our clients. It is available to purchase as a custom project and is not a downloadable module.Contact us here to learn more.