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Favorite Sugar 7 Developer Resources

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on March 27, 2015

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This content originally appeared on the Sugar Developer Blog and we were so impressed that we got permission to share it here with you! You can read the original post here. If you have any additional Sugar 7 Developer Resources let us know here.

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Francesca, one of our Sugar Community members, has a great post on the Sugar Community where she lists some of her favorite Sugar 7 resources and asks the community to list their own.  It has become one of our most active conversation threads in the Sugar Community.

In the same spirit, I wanted to summarize the Sugar 7 resources that the community shared in that thread including a few of my own. Let me know if I'm missing anything below!


Sugar 7 Community (SugarCRM)

Sugar Knowledge Base (SugarCRM)


Sugar 7 Partner Technical Training from SugarCon 2014 (SugarCRM)

Learn jQuery in 30 Days (Tutsplus)

Backbone JS (Tutsplus) 


Sugar Developer Guide (SugarCRM)

Sugar 6 to 7 Upgrade Training (SugarCRM)

Dependent Fields Guide (Atcore Systems)

Sugar 7 Tooling


Stuart Fyfe's Sugar 7 Development Grunt.js setup

Java Sugar 7 Clients

Antonio Musarra's Sugar 7 REST client

PHP Sugar 7 Clients

Sean Pinegar's Sugar 7 REST client

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