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Fall Into the New SugarCRM

by Roxana Rangu on September 18, 2019

7 minute read

The weather may be starting to cool off, but the SugarCRM ecosystem is heating up.

In this session, we summarized all of the latest SugarCRM news for you, without any filler or fluff.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about Sugar, please feel free to contact us.


  • Recap of Last User Group Webinar
  • SugarCRM and W-Systems 
  • Feature Topic – Fall Into the New SugarCRM
    • “The New Sugar”
    • wActivities
    • wUserUtils
  • Q&A

Last User Group Meeting

July 2019: Business Analytics for Sales & Marketing

News Roundup

Sugar Releases: Summer '19

SugarCRM 9.1 has the following updates for Enterprise:

  • Release of Sugar Serve/Sell/Market
  • User license type field
  • Tile view
  • Shared filters on list view dashlets
  • New case resolution field
  • Sugar Cloud Insights panel

Release Notes: Summer '19 (9.1)

Sugar Releases: SugarCRM Mobile 9.0 and 10.0

SugarCRM Mobile 9.0 added the ability to use the Comment Log field on mobile views.

  • Release Notes:

Sugar Releases: Sugar Market

The latest Sugar Market release includes a rebranding, plus several feature enhancements:

  • New look, feel and logo
  • Contact & Account view enhancements

Release Notes: Sugar Market Update for July 31, 2019

Sugar Releases: IBM Notes Plug-In EOL

SugarCRM announced that support for the IBM Notes Plug-In will end on August 30, 2020

Sugar Releases: MS Outlook Plug-in for Sugar 2.7

SugarCRM has officially released the version 2.7 of the Sugar plug-in for Microsoft Outlook. It includes a new silent uninstall feature.

SugarCRM Resources

Sugar Resources by SugarCRM

Sugar Resources by W-Systems

eBooks and White Papers

  • See all of our eBooks and White Papers on one page.
  • Recent eBooks and White Papers include:
    • Your Sales Lead Process is Half-Baked. Learn a Better Way.
    • The Dynamic Duo: SugarCRM + Act-On Marketing Automation
    • Best Practices for CRM User Adoption
    • 50 Things Your CRM Should Tell You About Your Customers
    • Solving the Sales-Marketing Conundrum
    • Customer Interactions: Your CRM's Hidden Gold

Sugar University Training

Sugar University has gone through a small revamp and now has divided its training into three major sections:

Fall Into the New SugarCRM

Sugar User Group Q&A

Are other Sugar products, such as Hint and the Customer Journey Plug-In still available?

Absolutely. Hint and Customer Journey are still part of the Sugar ecosystem and will continue to be so for a long time. Hint is continually harnessed into Sugar’s No-Touch Entry CRM philosophy.

Is there a discount for buying all three products (Sugar Sell, Sugar Serve, and Sugar Market)?

Having a client on all three platforms is Sugar’s goal, so based on the use case, any sales item is debatable. We believe that if somebody is in the market to do that, Sugar would definitely be open for negotiation.

How does Sugar Market compare to Act-On?

Here at W-Systems we are still Act-On users, although we might be switching to Sugar Market at some point. Our marketing team is experienced with both platforms, and we believe that whatever product fits your needs right now, it’s the product that we recommend you use.

Are we going to be forced to move to Sugar Serve/Sugar Sell?

If you use Enterprise on SugarCloud, you probably already have been moved to Sugar Sell. One of the key initiatives that Sugar has is to get as many of their customers off-premise — if the use case allows it — and into the Sugar Cloud, where they’ll be on the Sugar Sell platform.

They still have and will continue to support Sugar Enterprise, which is the On-Premise version of Sugar.

Will Tile View be changed to prompt the user if there are any required fields?

If you’re in the Tile View today and you drag a tile from Open to Closed and there are required fields on Closed, it doesn’t prevent you from doing that. We know there’s a bug that has been reported, but we suggest reaching out to us directly and we’re happy to get that into the bug fix and get you on that alert with Sugar.

Are the wActivities Activity and History panels available on mobile?

At the moment, wActivities is available not on mobile, but it is on our roadmap for Q4 of this year.

How do Sugar upgrades work for Sugar Sell versus Sugar Enterprise On-Premise?

On-Premise version 9.0.1 is the Sugar Sell platform. If you’re in the Sugar ecosystem today and you have not been upgraded, and you’re not on the roadmap to be upgraded either, you should reach out to us.

Sugar’s current schedule is four releases a year for Cloud (fall, winter, spring, and summer), so this fall should be the next Sugar Sell release.

Enterprise, which is the On-Premise version of Sugar, gets one update per year, which is a rollup of SugarCloud’s four-yearly releases

Do any of the new Sugar products include the Projects module?

Projects, the legacy module that is currently in Sugar, is still there. It’s usually something that we either extend or create a custom module to address.

It’s important to point out that with Sugar Sell, you still can create custom modules.

Is there any plan to create a customer portal mobile app?

Customer portals are part of Enterprise and they’re in the process of remaking, but we are not aware of any customer portal mobile app in development.

Will I be able to renew on Sugar Professional/Sugar Enterprise?

Yes. Sugar Professional and Sugar Enterprise are going to continue to be supported platforms for On-Premise.

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