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Export Wizard for Campaign Lists

by Amanda Anderson on August 18, 2011

4 minute read

Campaigns are the theme and big picture of a marketer's tactical efforts. It's what email messages, blog posts, promotions, webcasts, conferences, advertising, and lead source are all tied to. One reason for a campaign is to have synergy among different marketing tactics so that each support one another in order to have a greater impact.

Another reason for a campaign is to better report ROI. SugarCRM has a Campaigns module for reporting, tracking email campaigns, and building target lists.

Building Target Lists in Campaigns

SugarCRM enables users to set up target lists within the Campaigns module. These lists are composed of all the leads or contacts that you want to contact (or target) in your campaign.

You can build target lists as seed, suppression by email, suppression by ID, or suppression by domain name. A seed list is who you wish to target and a suppression list removes any contact that may be on the seed list. For example, you may have a campaign that targets every contact in Texas. But you may not want competitors in Texas getting that email, so you can build a suppression list to remove any email that ends with "".

Target list

Sugar allows you to export the individual seed or suppression lists. However, out-of-the-box, there is no way to export a target list with the suppression lists applied. Once you send an email using the target list, you can export the target list of contacts receiving the email. But what if you don't want to wait until after an email is sent to see who it is going to? What if you don't even want to send an email as part of your campaign strategy? Maybe, you want to print out labels for a direct mail campaign or some other tactic in which you need to use your target list.

To solve this, W-Systems' engineers built an Export Wizard into the Campaigns module in SugarCRM.

Export Wizard for Campaigns

A new button was added to the Campaigns module to begin the exporting process.

Export Wizard for Campaigns

Once clicked, the user is brought to a drag and drop interface where they can choose what fields they want to build out the .csv file.


In the second step of the wizard, the user is asked to select the method of deduplication. This will delete any duplicates so that a contact or lead in your target list doesn't show twice. After completing the wizard a .csv file containing contacts or leads from the seed list minus the suppression lists and duplicates is automatically created.

Using the Export Wizard

The Export Wizard is a quick and clean way to build and export target lists for direct mail campaigns, call centers that need to target from a campaign. Also, the Export Wizard is great when using Mail Chimp, Constant Contact or other external marketing automation applications that may not have an out-of-the-box integration with a CRM system.

Additionally, the Export Wizard was built to show both standard and custom fields. To enable a custom field in the wizard, the custom field is simply marked "exportable" in Studio from an Admin's account.

Because the wizard was built to incorporate custom fields, this same customization could be used to export any custom data from other modules in SugarCRM.

For more information about the Export Wizard and how it can be used with your system, contact W-Systems here.

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