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Exclusive W-Systems Chat with SugarCRM CEO, Craig Charlton

by Roxana Rangu on March 12, 2020

4 minute read

In this exclusive W-Systems Chat, two CX industry leaders, Craig Charlton, CEO at SugarCRM, and Christian Wettre, President at W-Systems, discussed the recent Sugar product developments, and how SugarCRM’s vision for the future of CX will benefit your business.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this meeting! Below is the video recording of the meeting, general notes as well as the questions & answers.

If you have questions about Sugar, please feel free to contact us.


  • Recap of Last User Group Webinar
  • W-Systems Sugar Release Roundup
  • SugarCRM and W-Systems 
  • Feature Topic – Exclusive W-Systems Chat with SugarCRM CEO, Craig Charlton
  • Q&A

Last User Group Meeting

January 2020: Our Favorite 5 Sugar Tools to Boost Sales in 2020

  • Recap of Winter ‘20 News
  • Overview of Sugar Fall ‘20 updates for Sugar Market, Sugar Sell, and Sugar Serve
  • Live demo of 5 Sugar tools, including Sugar Connect and DocuSign Connector
  • Link to Blog Post
  • Link to Webinar Archive

News Roundup

Sugar Releases: Winter '20 (9.3)

  • Sugar Sell
    • Automate and streamline renewal management
  • Sugar Serve
    • Monitor and analyze SLA metrics
    Sugar Professional/Enterprise
    • Editing records from the Preview pane

Sugar Release RoundUp 9.3 (Winter'20)

Release Notes: 

Sugar Releases: SugarCRM Mobile 17.0

Sugar Mobile 17.0 includes the ability to filter by Tags in Global Search, and Comment Log improvements.

  • Release Notes:

Sugar Releases: Sugar Market 13.19

The latest Sugar Market releases improve email bot click detection, lead scoring options, landing page results reporting, and more.

Release Notes

SugarCRM Resources

Sugar Resources by SugarCRM

Sugar Resources by W-Systems

eBooks and White Papers

  • See all of our eBooks and White Papers on one page.
  • Recent eBooks and White Papers include:
    • Your Sales Lead Process is Half-Baked. Learn a Better Way.
    • The Dynamic Duo: SugarCRM + Act-On Marketing Automation
    • Best Practices for CRM User Adoption
    • 50 Things Your CRM Should Tell You About Your Customers
    • Solving the Sales-Marketing Conundrum
    • Customer Interactions: Your CRM's Hidden Gold

Sugar University Training

Sugar University has gone through a small revamp and now has divided its training into three major sections:

Exclusive W-Systems Chat with SugarCRM CEO, Craig Charlton

Sugar User Group Q&A

What is the best way to send in suggestions and feedback for products?

You can send them directly to Craig Charlton or use the separate email address for Product Enhancement Requests that SugarCRM provides.

Sugar University also provides training on all the new products discussed in the webinar. If you want to learn more about a specific product prior to make a purchase decision, Sugar University is a good way to start.

From the W-Systems side, if there is a specific product or something around Sugar, we're more than happy to take any suggestions on what you'd like to see in our Sugar User Groups, so feel free to send any suggestions on future topics that we could cover.