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How to Evaluate Your CRM’s Performance

by Katie Liesmann on November 23, 2016

3 minute read

At W-Systems we believe that each CRM system has room for improvement. Many admins come to us feeling that they are failing to maximize their CRM, and wondering what to do next. Typically done in a one-on-one engagement, we have helped hundreds of these admins improve their organization's CRM performance. When assessing a CRM we look at three key areas: user adoption, system optimization and system security. Here’s a starting guide for what to look at in these three areas.

User Adoption

Across all the evaluations completed by W-Systems, user adoption is by far the most common issue expressed by sales managers and CRM admins alike. Low user adoption can stem from many issues such as lack of user training, cluttered system views, or un-automated processes. To evaluate user adoption, look at the following things:

  • Do you have licenses for each customer-facing employee? This may include Sales, Marketing, Support and Finance, depending on who accesses customer information or interacts with customers.
  • How active are your users? Take a look at the number of calls, meetings, and other activities they are recording in your CRM
  • Do you have outdated data? Run reports or create filters to look at tasks that overdue or opportunities that have an expected close date in the past.

System Optimization

System optimization is the component of CRM evaluation that is trickiest to evaluate. By being innovative with your CRM’s architecture and design, you will find yourself differentiating yourself from your competitors, creating operational efficiency, and improving your customer experience. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How are you currently differentiating your product or service offering? What can help you execute and maintain that differentiation?
  • How well are you able to deliver your product or service offering to the customer consistently on time and with high quality?
  • Are you able to consistently offer excellent customer experiences? What programs and systems do you have in place to ensure quality service and support are upheld?
  • Is your CRM supporting you or hindering you in all areas listed above?


Your CRM security policy is critical to ensuring that company data is kept safe. Whether you are trying to prevent data loss or want to comply with federal law, it’s important to make sure you establish a security plan and consistently follow it. Here are the things to evaluate when you assess Security

  • Do you have a CRM backup policy? Is it followed consistently?
  • Do you have strict enough password requirements across your organization?
  • Do you use roles and permissions throughout your CRM if it has that capability?

These are just a few of our ideas on starting to evaluate your CRM’s performance. In each area, assess whether you are exceeding standards or have some room for improvement. To learn more about a W-Systems system evaluation, reach out to us here to learn more about a W-Systems System Evaluation.

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