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Entrinsik Informer, Advanced Web-Based Sugar Reporting

by Sarah Friedlander Garcia on June 16, 2015

8 minute read

Entrinsik Informer is a SugarCRM integrated agile reporting and business intelligence (BI) solution delivering ad-hoc reporting, self-service data analysis, and interactive dashboards in one complete solution.

Features and Benefits

  • Beautiful Dashboards and Visualizations
    See the big picture view of your data in just a few clicks. Perform ad-hoc data analysis with easy-to-use, interactive visualizations all in real time and all on one screen.
  • Real-time Access to Multiple Data Sources
    Informer executes queries in real time from source systems such as SugarCRM rather than requiring extract, transform, and load from a data warehouse.
  • Reduce IT Support Requirements
    Empower end-users with on-the-spot information drill downs, interactive sorting and grouping, dynamic charting, and aggregate analysis.
  • Informer SugarCRM Plugin
    Entrinsik provides an Informer SugarCRM Plugin for your Sugar 6.5 or greater environment. So along with a set of standard SugarCRM reports and dashboards, the Informer SugarCRM Plugin also includes integrations with the Sugar7 REST API, a SugarCRM specific function library, third-party authentication, single sign-on, and SugarCRM security. Additionally, the plugin framework is yours to manipulate, so site specific functionality is allowed and encouraged.
  • Extensive API for Integrating Informer into your SugarCRM Custom App
    If you modify SugarCRM to fill a niche market CRM requirement, take advantage of the Informer Partner Toolkit - a suite of tools and APIs allowing you to customize Informer to fit your corporate identity, apply business rule per your own application, and provide your customers an even more powerful custom CRM solution.


Entrinsik Informer extends the value of your SugarCRM system by giving users the ability to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards based on real-time information from your SugarCRM database and other data sources within your organization. Informer gives Sugar users instant visibility into their company performance and customer behavior.

Informer, one of the 50 entrants for the annual AppThrowdown competition at SugarCon this year was awarded the best in class for Data, Information and Analytics. We love a good laugh at W-Systems and their App Throwdown presentation, complete with Tad’s elaborate costume did not disappoint. 

Informer integrates with all on-premise, licensed versions of SugarCRM and Sugar Community Edition 6.5 or higher (connection to on-demand is in the final testing phases). Data in Sugar is pushed into Informer in real-time and Informer’s intuitive, web-based interface is easy to navigate, enabling users to create and customize their own reports and dashboards.

What Wowed W-Systems

At W-Systems we have experience with SugarCRM’s built in reporting tool, so it was nice to analyze the differences between the native reporting in comparison with Entrinsik Informer.  Some of the features that we found the most compelling were:

  • Ability to connect to multiple databases such as accounting and ERP systems.
  • Out-of-the-box installation includes 78 pre-configured mappings and sample reports and dashboards.
  • Multiple formats for exporting include:
    • Excel Comma-Separated Values (.csv)
    • Adobe PDF (.pdf)
    • Webpage (.html)
    • Customized Delimited (.txt)
    • Tab-Delimited (.txt)
    • XML (.xml)
    • Fixed Length Column (.txt)
    • Live Excel Spreadsheet
  • Report Scheduling can be setup based on specific parameters, and can email reports to anyone (even contacts that are not in Sugar).
  • One-Page Report Creation without the need to go through multiple pages to create a report.
  • Add calculations within reports such as a sales commission column which would interact with live SugarCRM data to calculate the data.
  • Cross Module Reporting allows you to not have to isolate reports between Accounts or Activities within SugarCRM.  Advanced users can use SQL queries to build reports directly.

Positive Reviews from the BI Analyst Community

During our conversation with Tad Buck and Sharon Shelton from Entrinsik they mentioned the positive reviews that have come in from the BI analyst community based on customer review sites including IT Central Station and TrustRadius.


Learn more about Entrinsik Informer for SugarCRM in the following video:

To learn more about Entrinsik Informer for SugarCRM please contact us and we’ll be happy to show it to you.

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