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Enhanced Interaction Management for Sugar

by Roxana Rangu on July 9, 2019

4 minute read

How much time do you spend planning out your weekly activities in Sugar, such as Calls, Meetings, Tasks, Cases, Notes, and Emails, while also reviewing your past actions? Our customization aims to significantly reduce that time! Discover wActivities, our Sugar customization that groups all your activities, reducing the time spent on daily activity planning and review, while boosting your productivity.

Accessible Layout

wActivities fuses together with Sugar’s already known intuitive and easy-to-use interface and includes two panels:

  • History - representing the completed activities such as notes, calls, appointments that took place, accomplished tasks or sent email messages.
  • Activities - representing all your pending activities, such as a planned call or a task that has just started. This panel only shows calls, meetings, and tasks.  

History-Activities panels in Sugar animation

Inside of the subpanels, you have a few options to search through your activities:

  • By User
  • By Subject
  • By the Type of Activity (Calls, Notes, Tasks, etc.)

search options in wActivities animation

You can always Preview and Edit your activities and you also have the option to Close them when completed. Note that completed activities will be moved into the History subpanel. 

There’s also a lot of flexibility in using these panels. Inside of your administration page, you have the option to use only one of the panels by hiding another one. For example, if your company prefers working with completed tasks, you can always hide the Activities subpanel and work only with the History subpanel.    

Our main purpose when we designed wActivities was to enable Sugar users to gather all of their most important information hubs in one place. wActivities allows you to use the History and Activities subpanels as a replacement for Calls, Emails, Appointments, and Tasks since you can always create any type of activity straight from your History subpanel, without having to navigate to a specific module. Using the Actions button, you can easily choose which activity you want to create. 

Action button activities screenshot

Browsing Through History is as Easy as Pie

Conveniently placed at the header of your record, you are provided with two buttons with enhanced versions of Sugar's out-of-the-box Historical Summary and Narrative, meant to make your workload so much easier and save valuable time.

  • Historical Summary will show your history as a list view, allowing you to create and use filters for your activities. You can also quickly search and sort by fields.

Historical Summary Panel in Sugar Screenshot

  • Historical Narrative will show your activity history as a drawer, with a load of details.

Historical Narrative Panel Screenshot

Save Time with the Advanced Relationships Module

wActivities includes advanced module relationship options that enable you to to add additional modules where the activity records will be displayed.
When a new activity is created - such as a  new Task, it is linked to the parent module and displayed in the wActivities subpanel.

For instance, logging a call to a support case will also automatically link the call to the related account and allow you to quickly view the call activity in the account record.

Advanced Relationships Module in Sugar Screenshot

Create Multiple Module Reports Like a Pro

One of the best - and trickiest - aspects of managing so much data is efficiently combining everything in one place and getting a complete overview. You can now do that because wActivities enables you to dispatch data from multiple modules by combining all of your information in a single report based on every activity type your team has had on a weekly basis.

Multiple Module Reports in Sugar Screenshot

See It in Action

Sugar extensions like wActivities are great because they empower you to get quick access to all of your customer interactions and boost your employee productivity in one location. To learn more about wActivities, reach out to us today.

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