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Engineering Peer Reviews

by Lydia Teffera on April 22, 2013

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Meet Software Engineer Danny Mulvihill, and Learn About His Project of the Month.

Every Friday afternoon W-Systems’s engineers take a moment out of their day to meet for an engineer peer review session. During this meeting they exchange ideas, information, and get feedback on projects they are currently working on. This gives them a chance to collaborate and share helpful tips and information. I sat down with Danny Mulvihill to get an inside look on the engineers’ latest meeting. Danny has been with W-Systems for more than two years and is one of W-Systems’s lead SugarCRM engineers. He helps train many of the new interns and associate developers. Not only does he use SugarCRM at work, but he also has his own personal Sugar account to manage his side projects. I asked him a few questions to get a better idea of what the peer review sessions consisted of and what he was working on this month.

Below are some of my questions and his responses from the interview.

Q: So tell me about the engineer peer review sessions?

A: The engineers meet for peer reviews every Friday. It’s a chance for us to share new work, discuss challenges, give input, and ask for assistance. Essentially the goal is to keep everyone aware of what’s going on and allow everyone to collaborate.

Q: Is everyone expected to present a project?

A: Not everyone is expected to present at peer review, but everyone individually has projects they are working on and people often find that sharing helps them improve their projects.

Q: What project are you currently working on?

A: Right now I am currently working on a time tracking project. The project focuses on creating a custom interface within the Sugar application. It will allow employees to fill out their time cards within Sugar and once approved, it will automatically sync that information with the company’s QuickBooks account. This will inevitable help the company stay more organized and efficient while simultaneously saving time.

  Time tracking project

Q: What do you like about the project?

A: I like that I’m getting to use some new technologies, such as handlebars, javascript, and bootstrap. This project was also a bit more challenging and allows me to learn and use new frameworks I wouldn’t normally need to.

Q: How do you come up with these projects? Is it company influenced, client motivated, personal...what?

A: Most of our projects are client projects, but some we create because of an internal need. For example, the Fedex integration was a part of a client project, but our secure password sending project was something we needed internally. Internal projects recently have been assigned to interns and associate developers and during our peer reviews we are able to go over and review their work. Internal projects also make our client projects easier because they somewhat go hand in hand.

Q: Do you enjoy these peer review sessions?

A: Yes, because the constructive criticism helps each of us grow as engineers and allows us to learn from one another.

As I wrapped up my interview with Danny, I began to get a better sense of our Engineering team here at W-Systems. While software engineering may seem like a one man job, I was able to see how collaborative it really is and how helpful these weekly team meetings are.

For more information about the time tracking solution mentioned in this post or about W-Systems’s engineering team, contact us here.

W-Systems' QuickBooks Integration for SugarCRM was discontinued in March 2018.