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Embedded Content Field

by Cristian Golopenta on February 14, 2017

4 minute read

The Embedded Content Field is a new addition to wTools, our library of Sugar Customizations that allows users to embed social media content to records. It can also be modified to display custom content.

Field Setup

After you (provided you have Sugar admin rights) or your Sugar administrator install the Embedded Content Field package, go to Studio → the module(s) where you want to add the field (in this example, Contacts) → Fields, and select Add Field.

From the Data Type drop-down, select EmbedContent, and fill in the Field Name as you want. Then, from the Embed Type drop-down, select which content you would like to be displayed in the field. Click Save after you finished editing the field.

If you want to see more types of embedded content, you’ll need to create multiple fields for each type of content you want.

The Embedded Content Field is now set up, but it’s recommended to create a new panel in Record View, especially if you want to display more than one of the supported content types.

Go to Studio → the module(s) where you want to add the field (in this example, Contacts) → Layouts → Record View.

From the Toolbox, drag and hold a New Panel towards the Layout. Then, drag and hold as many New Rows as you need (keep in mind that a row can hold two fields).

We set the Record View Panel to hold five Embedded Content fields (one for each supported social media embedded content).

Click Save & Deploy to apply the newly created panel in the Record View.

Adding Embedded Content

Now that we’ve finished setting up the Embedded Content fields and the panel, we can start adding social media content.

Note: Embedded Content fields can only be edited from Record View.

Go to the module where you added the fields, and click a record to enter Record View. Then, click any of the Embedded Content fields to add in links.

To help you get started, here are some tips for each supported social media channel:


You can add links to personal profiles (if they are publicly visible), or Facebook pages (companies, public figures, etc., ).


Twitter supports single tweets only. Just copy and insert a tweet’s link to add it.


LinkedIn supports individual profiles only. Add the link found directly under a Linkedin user’s photo to add it.


Instagram supports single posts. Go to Instagram from your browser, and copy the link to a post which you consider relevant for the record.


YouTube supports single videos. Add a YouTube video link which you consider relevant to the record.

You can also view the content of the fields in a list view by clicking the button found in the Embedded Content fields.

The Template Embed Type

The Embedded Content field can also be customized to create widgets containing data from other fields. For instance, you could create a business card using a record’s data. However, some HTML programming background is required to take full advantage of this embed type. You can also get pre-made templates and edit them to contain the information you need.

In the image below, we used the HTML code for the Facebook embed ty and edited it to display data relevant to our needs. This was our result:

The Embedded Content Field is a part of our wTools Customizations for Sugar. Contact us if you'd like us to deploy it for you, or learn more about our wTools products.