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Email Merge in wMobile Desktop

by Andrei Voiculescu on October 30, 2017

3 minute read

Have you ever felt the need to send an email to a group or filter of contacts while working in wMobile Desktop? If this is the case, we now bring you the option to merge an email to many contacts.

The first modification you will notice is in the Email Center. Clicking on the Compose button into now offers a dropdown for choosing which type of email you want to create.

  • A Regular Email means creating a normal internet message for a set of recipients by manually adding them.
  • A Mail Merge is the option to send the internet message to filter/group of contacts

The game begins! The user is accessing the mail merge draft to create such an email.

The first drop down contains all groups and filters of contacts that belong to the current user and all public ones.

On the right side of this drop down there are three checkboxes for different options:

  • Primary Email Address – means the email will be sent to primary email address of each contact in the selected group or filter
  • Additional Email Address – means the email will be sent to all non-primary email addresses of each contact in the selected group or filter
  • Additional Contacts – means the email will be sent to email addresses of all additional records for each contact in the selected group or filter.

Q: Do you need to send the email to a full filter/group of contacts, avoiding some email addresses? A pretty easy way to do that is by using merge codes to limit the distribution.

Applying this, wMobile will filter email addresses and will take into consideration those who will pass the validation. In the case presented above, only email addresses which contain T and S as merge codes will be selected.

Q: Do you want to compose the email faster by using a template?

Templates are always the fastest way to customize the same email information for each contact.

At a first overview, you may say “Hey, my template didn’t apply properly” but it actually did. When using templates to Email Merge to many contacts, the template body is displayed without processing. At sending time the template will be parsed, and the body will be modified for each email based on each recipient’s details.

We hope you will find this new functionality useful.

Note: This email functionality is included in wMobile and above.