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Email Improvements in wMobile

by Lynn Catterson on May 4, 2017

3 minute read

We have had some changes in email processing over the last few releases, which should make wMobile even easier to use.

wMobile Phone

Depending on configuration, the wMobile Email Fetcher Service should be checking for new email on your email server or Internet Service Provider mailbox every 30 minutes, but a wMobile user can always click on the Check Mail button to force a check sooner. The buttons have been simplified in wMobile Phone. Instead of 2 separate buttons for Check Mail and Refresh, there’s now just the Check Mail button.

When the retrieval is in process, the cursor changes, so the user can see the status.

The Refresh now happens automatically, so a user doesn’t need to click Refresh to see newly downloaded emails.

Changes for wMobile Phone and Desktop

Sending Email

There has been a change in how wMobile Phone and Desktop send email. Some customers used to have trouble with email being sent very slowly. Even a few seconds feels like an eternity when you’re staring at your phone, waiting to read the next email or make your next call! We noticed this was related to certain email providers, such as Office365.  Since we have no control over different email providers, we modified the process for sending email. Now, instead of the email being sent by the wMobile phone or Desktop application, the email is queued for delivery by the wMobile Email Fetcher Service. This change means that the wMobile user doesn’t have to wait for an email to be sent. He or she can immediately move onto their next task. 

The wMobile Email Fetcher service will try to send an email three times. If it fails to send for some reason, such as an invalid email address, the wMobile user will then get an email message notifying them that the email failed to send. The email will then be placed in the Local Outbox so the user can locate it, try to fix it (maybe correct the email address), and then send it again.

Email Deletions

In the wMobile Online Inbox, if a wMobile user deletes an email message, it now goes into the Local Trash folder. Previously, if a user deleted an email, it was permanently deleted, with no recourse. Now if a mistake is made, the email can be found in the Local Trash folder. Although we can’t currently copy it back up to your mail server or ISP mailbox, at least the email can be located for reference, or so you can forward or reply to it. The Local Trash is stored for 30 days by default.

The configuration for the Local Trash expiration is located in the wMobile Manager Console, in the System Settings. This can be accessed by an administrator on the server where wMobile is installed.

Navigate to Configuration > Common > Email > EmailFetcherSettings. Set the number of days deleted email in Local Trash should be stored before being removed.

We hope these changes will improve your experience using wMobile Phone and Desktop.

This article applies to wMobile and above.