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Email from the Search Center in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on October 6, 2017

2 minute read

There’s a new option to compose an email from the Search Center when you have check-marked certain contacts. The option is toward the end of the menu, so depending on screen size and resolution, a user might need to click on the right arrow in the menu to be able to see the ‘New Email’ button as shown below.

The resulting email will come up as a draft that can be edited, or a template can be applied.

This will also work when previewing filters and groups using the pads on the left side of the Desktop screen.

Use the checkmark in the upper left to select all the members of the group or filter, or pick and choose from the list.

The page size can be adjusted to see all the filter/group members at once.

Additionally, there’s also now an email merge option, which will generate separate emails for each recipient, like the traditional email merge in GoldMine. This will be covered more in depth in a future blog post.

Note: This email functionality is included in wMobile and above.