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Email Archiving with the wMobile Email Fetcher Service

by Lynn Catterson on March 29, 2018

5 minute read

We all know how much business is conducted via email these days. It’s a benefit to be able to archive email in your GoldMine CRM system, so that it’s available for later reference. Many of our customers use GoldMine and/or wMobile to send and receive email, so this email is automatically stored in GoldMine History. However, sometimes we find customers that use other email clients such as Lotus Notes, Thunderbird, Zimbra, MacMail or even Outlook without using GoldMine’s Outlook integration. Sometimes sales staff will use a native email application on their mobile devices instead of emailing from GoldMine or wMobile. In these cases, the email can be archived automatically by the wMobile Email Fetcher Service. In order to be able to archive both incoming and outgoing mail, the email server must support IMAP connections (not POP3).

Email archiving can be set up by an administrator or an end-user. We’ll review both options. In cases where end-users are using a mix of email clients, including GoldMine and/or wMobile, a de-duplication service can be used to avoid archiving duplicate copies of the same messages.

Email archiving can be set up by an administrator in the wMobile Manager Console on the server where wMobile is installed. These settings would be under the Email Fetcher component in the wMobile Explorer pane on the left. On selecting Email Accounts, you’ll see the list of user email accounts configured in wMobile.  Highlight an email account and double-click on it or use the Edit option in the Actions menu on the right.

Note: Email settings are not carried over from GoldMine, so if these aren’t configured already, further information on adding email accounts in the wMobile Manager Console can be found in our online guide.


On the Email Account Settings tab, the Auto File Start Date would be selected as highlighted below. The account cannot have automatic retrieving of emails disabled for auto filing (archiving) to take place.

To select individual folders for Auto Filing (archiving), select the Email Folder Settings tab as highlighted below. A list of email folders will appear. Folders such as the Inbox and Sent Items folders can be check-marked in the Auto File column. Your own email folders might be named slightly differently based on your mail server, but should be named recognizably as the inbox and sent mail folders.

If you have a long list of folders, you can filter the Folder Type to only show Inbox and Sent folder types. Click on the filter icon in the upper corner of the Folder Type header. Then uncheck any folder types you don’t need to see on the list and click OK.

When all configurations are completed, select Save and Close at the bottom of the window.

Email archiving can be set up by a wMobile user in the wMobile Desktop or Phone email preferences.

In wMobile Desktop, a user would navigate to the Email Center, where any configured email accounts will appear. Click on Edit as it appears next to an email account, to make changes to the settings.

Note: You might only have one email account, but wMobile supports configuring and accessing multiple email accounts.

Checkmark the Auto File box for folders that should be Auto Filed (archived) as in the example below.

Click Done when the selections are completed.

In wMobile Phone, these settings can be found from My Preferences in the Home menu.

Select Email Setup.

Select the email account to be configured for auto-filing.

Click on the Folders tab and check mark Auto File for any email folders to be auto filed (archived).

Select Save to preserve the changes.

De-Duplication Service

If email is sent and received in multiple email clients and email auto filing is in use, there could be duplicate emails archived in GoldMine’s History. The wMobile Fetcher Service includes a de-duplication service which remove duplicates based on the MailID.

The email de-duplication service is configured in the wMobile Manager Console System Settings. Select wMobile at the top of the wMobile Explorer Pane to include all settings. Double click on System Settings.

Navigate to Configuration > Common > Email and locate the DDEnabled setting as shown below. This should be set to True to enable the DeDuplication service.

In System Settings there are some other settings related to Auto Filing such as CountLimit and DaysLimit. The default settings are 1,000 and 30, by default, but these can be adjusted temporarily if you’re trying to archive a larger amount of email. For example, sometimes new wMobile customers will want to archive past email. Be advised that there are no specific limits on these values, but the system will consume higher resources during the period when they’ve been increased.

We hope that you will find this feature helpful for tracking email important to your business.

This email functionality is included in wMobile 3.1.x and above.