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4 Easy Ways to Boost the Success of Your Outbound Sales Campaigns

by Rachel Brink on March 23, 2016

4 minute read

Outbound sales has always been considered a challenging role—but as consumers become more mobile and their expectations continue to rise, sales reps are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with their target audience. In fact in 2007 it took an average of 3.68 calls to reach a single prospect. Fast-forward to today and it takes eight calls to get in touch with one. With consumers harder to reach and more challenging to sell, what are a few ways sales teams can increase their odds of not only getting in front of prospects, but also monetizing every interaction? A few suggestions:

Use the Prospect’s Area Code:

Advancements in caller ID have most certainly contributed to the lower answer rates encountered by today’s sales reps. As a matter of fact, eight out of ten consumers say they would be extremely unlikely to answer a call from a toll free or unknown number. But by utilizing a communication platform with local presence dialing, sales reps can automatically reach out to prospects from their local area code based on information pulled from the CRM. This has shown to increase answer rates by 400% (Software Advice) and is a simple yet effective way to get your sales reps in front of more prospects.

Respond to Leads Quickly:

Reaching out to web generated leads within five minutes increases the likelihood that they convert by nine times. But to achieve this, the right technology and business processes must be in place to ensure leads are immediately forwarded to sales reps. By integrating marketing automation, CRM, and communications platforms, inbound leads can seamlessly be moved from the web to an agent’s queue within seconds for timely outreach and higher conversions.

Have Their Information Ready:

An astounding 88% of missed opportunities are caused by a sales reps’ inability to leverage internal resources at the time of the interaction. And this problem is often magnified when reps are reaching out to a large volume of prospects. By integrating the CRM and marketing automation platforms with a contact center solution, businesses can ensure their sales reps have access to all relevant customer information (lead source, purchase history, previous interactions, account information, etc.) upon every interaction, enhancing the likelihood of a successful close.

Don’t Forget to Follow-Up:

Most leads typically require five follow-ups before a successful close—but almost half of sales reps give up after just one. While the responsibility of follow-up largely falls in the lap of sales reps, there are a few ways technology can help give them a boost. By integrating a contact center solution with CRM and marketing automation platforms, interested prospects can automatically be nurtured and follow-up calls automatically scheduled, ensuring no leads fall through the cracks.

Do you use integrations to your CRM to boost sales? Let us know. To learn more about integrating your CRM with a contact center solution such as 3CLogic, reach out to W-Systems here.

The following article is a guest post from our partner company 3CLogic.

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