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Don’t Miss Out on Our Best SugarCRM Projects from 2016

by Katie Liesmann on January 10, 2017

5 minute read

At the end of each year W-Systems enjoys reflecting on the past 365 days. In keeping with our annual end-of-year tradition, I recently sat down with employees throughout the company to ask about their favorite projects of 2016. Here are the five SugarCRM projects that our team singled out as being top notch:

SugarCRM 2016 Projects

SugarCRM integration for Slack

At the beginning of the year our team adopted Slack as an internal communication tool. Not only was it fun and new, but it helped us effectively exchange information and ideas. Engineer Keith Neuendorff came up with the idea of accessing Sugar information from within Slack using a chat bot. Keith built the basic integration between Slack and Sugar in just two hours.

“Slack has made it easy to add customizations to its application,” said Keith. “So I was able to build the basic integration really quickly, and then we expanded features from there. The final app was submitted to the App Throwdown at SugarCon 2016 and ended up winning in the category of User Productivity.” Read more about the SugarCRM integration for Slack.

Barcode Scanner Integration

Our sales team agreed that the Barcode Scanner Integration was their favorite Sugar project of the year. A customer came to us with the problem of having too much paperwork to process--so we built them a barcode scanner that would scan barcodes on completed forms and pull up the correlating record in Sugar--in order to save them hundreds of hours of time entering data.

“My favorite thing about this project was the customer,” said Joshua Grothe, the Account Manager for this particular project. “They came to us knowing what they wanted and brought innovative ideas to the table. It was a unique experience as an account manager.”

Learn more about the barcode scanning integration.

Subscriptions Module

One internal project that our engineering and marketing team worked on was a custom Subscriptions module to help us track renewals and subscription history in Sugar for our Sugar customers. Daniel Moser was the W-Systems engineer who built the project. The subscriptions module could be used in any business with recurring revenue, whether it be a delivered subscription box, monthly services, or a magazine subscription. If you work in a business like this, you know that managing subscription renewals is tough. A customization such as this in Sugar allows an organization to observe customer renewal patterns and prevents renewals from slipping through the cracks.

“This was my favorite customization because it was the first big project I completed independently,” said Daniel. “And because it’s on our own internal Sugar system, I’m able to see the effects of it every day.”

Payment Scheduler

The payment scheduling module for Sugar allows businesses to track recurring payments. It is integrated with several different merchant processors to allow a business to process several different types of credit card payments. After entering just a few payment terms, payments can be automatically processed, payment statuses are automatically updated, and everyone across an organization can have transparency into an accounts payment history.

[I shamelessly wrote this quote for myself] “Marketers are often teased about being distracted by shiny new objects. I can’t disagree when it comes to the Payment Scheduler we created in Sugar. When the engineering team first showed it to me, I was wowed by all the movement within the customization, and then after hearing how it impacted their business, I was really impressed.” Learn more about the Payment Scheduler.

Upgraded Hosting Structure for Sugar

One of our engineers, Kevin Hicks, spent time developing a new hosting infrastructure to support our customer's Sugar instances going forward. The final hosting platform will be introduced in 2017, so we won’t reveal too much here--but it’s designed to improve security and performance of our customer’s hosted instances. Look for updates on our new hosting platform to come in the first half of 2017.

“This was a fun challenge for me,” said Kevin. “Custom firewalls, centralized monitoring tools, and a low carbon footprint make this new hosting platform an improvement for our Sugar hosting customers.”

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