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Developers Throwdown at SugarCon 2015

by Katie Liesmann on April 30, 2015

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The App Throwdown is the most anticipated event during SugarCon each year. During this competition, Sugar developers who have created best-in-class applications “throwdown” to show off their hard work. The atmosphere is exciting and lively--everyone is pumped to root for their favorite apps or learn about new products they can use on their own Sugar instance to improve their business processes.

Each year, SugarCRM hand-selects a team of judges to pick a winner for each of five categories, known as the best-in-class winners. After each winner showcases their integration, the audience is allowed to vote via a wifi connected device to choose which of the best-in-class applications should take home the overall award. Let’s take a look at this year's best-in-class winners. 

Best-in-Class Customer Experience and Engagement

Pixel Harmonia swept the audience away and took first place overall. This communications platform integrates with Sugar to improve customer engagement. The app allows you to stay connected with colleagues, prospects and customers through texts, phone calls and video conferences with just one click. As a user, you are able to record video and phone calls and automatically store transcripts of the audio file in the record. You can search Sugar records based on the dialogue in different conversations and easily contact a colleague using a native chat window. This platform allows you to eliminate other chat, file share, video and meeting apps. No wonder this all-in-one app tied for best-in-class in the Customer Experience and Engagement Category.


Best-in-Class Beyond CRM

In second place was Findability Sciences, who were the leaders in the Beyond CRM category. This native application uses complex business intelligence algorithms to analyze an individual’s web presence. From Sugar records to email, social feeds, and blogs--the system analyzes any available information and provides feedback on a prospect’s personality characteristics, needs and values. This information, which is displayed within Sugar, provides contextual insight into how a person might buy, what their decision making style is, and what motivates them.


Best-in-Class Seamless Integration

Winner of the Seamless Integration was our marketing automation partner, Salesfusion. We  were excited to see them win third place overall because of our involvement in the development of the plugin for them. Their marketing automation integration to Sugar provides sales teams with the data and tools to make their job easier. The native integration pushes emails, event registrations, landing page completions, web activity, and tasks to Sugar. A custom dashlet aggregates and displays all of the most recent activity for the Leads and Contacts assigned to the Sugar user logged in so a Sales rep can contact their active Leads first. Additionally, the integration includes custom dashlets within the Lead and Contact records that display real-time graphs for Email activity, Web visits, and the customer Journey displaying all marketing activity. Users can also view lead scoring history, add records to a marketing list, and send a one-to-one Salesfusion tracked email directly out of Sugar.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.33.31 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.30.04 PM


Best-in-Class Mobile App

Fourth place went to SuiteBox, who won the category of best-in-class Mobile App. Their mobile integration uses video collaboration to enhance customer engagement and accelerates the customer lifecycle. Using the app, you can meet anytime and on any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) in a virtual meeting room. More than just a video platform, users can record meetings, see when the customer is touching the screen, and display, share or sign documents.

Best-in-Class Customer Experience and Engagement

TrustSphere, the winner who tied for the Customer Experience and Engagement category is the expert in relationship analytics and was voted number five. The TrustSphere system looks for information in email and voice systems and analyzes it to understand relationships between sales team members and prospects. This app gives a 360-degree view of customer relations by digging deeper into content that sales teams often do not enter into Sugar. The reports created from this information enable meaningful, authentic relationships for those who are tired of looking at excel spreadsheets.


Best-in-Class Data, Information & Analytics

Sixth place was awarded to Entrinsik, who won best-in-class for the Data, Information & Analytics category for their application known as Informer. This business intelligence solution pulls data from multiple sources, including Sugar, and allows users to create ad-hoc reports, analyze data on their own, and interact with dashboards. With a built-in security framework and intuitive user interface, Sugar users can create cross-module reports using drag-and-drop, auto-complete, and in-place editing. W-Systems partners with Entrinsik to offer Informer to customers who need a more powerful reporting engine than Sugar offers out-of-the-box.


The App Throwdown serves as an exciting end to a great conference, and we were especially pleased that our partners Salesfusion and Entrinsik won a best-in-class award. The App Throwdown showcases the incredible resources available within the Sugar ecosphere of partners. W-Systems is proud to be a part of the ecosphere that provides so much to Sugar users and enables them to make the most out of their Sugar system.

Which app would you vote for? Tell us in a comment below!