Developer Resources for the Newly Released Sugar 7.9

by Matthew Marum on May 23, 2017

2 minute read

You may have seen that that Sugar 7.9 has now been released! SugarCRM has moved the Quotes module and Reports list view to Sidecar framework. They’ve also made plenty of platform enhancements such as adding prepared statements support.

Quotes in Sidecar

Quotes Module Developer Guide

SugarCRM created an all-new Quotes section in the Sugar 7.9 Developer Guide that is designed to address common customizations that Sugar Developers make to the Quotes module.

Sugar 7.9 Migration Guide

The Migration Guide for Sugar 7.9 is an essential resource for any Sugar Developer upgrading a customer from Sugar 7.8.x. The guide will help you identify code and platform changes that you need to make in order to ensure that you can upgrade your code and customers successfully.

Sugar 7.9 Unit Tests

The Sugar Unit Tests repository has been updated with unit tests for Sugar 7.9. This is the same test suite that the product team used in developing Sugar 7.9. Remember that you need to sign up for access to the Sugar test repositories.

Sugar 7.9 Overview for Sugar Developers

The SugarCRM team delivered a recorded webinar that will be shortly available in the Developer space in the Sugar Community. This is a great way to get an immediate understanding about all the new features and platform changes that were introduced in Sugar 7.9. The presentation slides will also be posted in the Developer community shortly.

Sugar 7.9 has brought many enhancements to its platform. For more information, read our related blog post.

This content originally appeared on SugarCRM's Developer Blog.

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