Deduping Solutions in Sugar

by Katie Liesmann on July 29, 2015

Whether you are storing customers, members, vendors, or contacts, duplicate entries in your CRM system are hard to avoid. Duplicates often come from data entry errors or web-to-lead forms. When it comes to deduping, we can craft basically any solution to fit customers’ needs and budget.

Duplicates Dashlet

One of our customers had too many duplicate contacts to locate on their own, so we created a way to identify possible duplicate entries based on a unique identifier. This shows up in Sugar as a custom dashlet called Duplicate Contacts.

Duplicate Contacts

You can see above that the possible duplicates are grouped according to the unique identifier, which in this case is a hidden social security number. With Sugar out-of-the-box, the only way to identify a duplicate is to go to a record and use the “find duplicates” function. This custom dashlet provides the organization an easy, scrollable place to keep up with duplicates.

Dedupe Button

Another one of our customers asked for a custom field to solve their duplicate contact problem. So we created a calculated field that uses an algorithm to determine the probability that a Contact has a duplicate record.

This probability is displayed in the Contact list view and is calculated by looking at the similarities between record names. Users can select “find dupes” from the dropdown next to a contact. This pulls up a list of possible duplicates using the algorithm.

 Merge selected

When a user has identified duplicates, they select the duplicate entries and hit the button labeled “Merge”. The module takes you directly to Sugar’s merger, rather than having to go back to the contact record.

What duplication issues do you currently face in CRM and how do you currently resolve them? Tell us below or contact us here.

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