Top 10 Lessons Learned for Managing Sales Opportunities using SugarCRM

by Christian Wettre on December 19, 2013

2 minute read

On Thursday, December 19th we held a content webinar focused on lessons learned implementing sales pipeline tracking features for clients using SugarCRM. We continue to have good attendance on these events so it motivates to keep publishing the content.


  • Measure Inflow and Outflow
  • Notify on Changes
  • Sales Meetings must be based on CRM Data and Reports
  • Make it Easy to Keep Information up to Date
  • Implement Mobile Phone Usage
  • Track Committed Opportunities
  • Implement Closed Sale Wrap up (loss, competitor..)
  • Automate Reporting
  • Track Changes on Key Fields (Change Logs)
  • Enforce Clean Data Procedures

Hope to see you again next month.

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