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D&B for Sugar: No More Cold Calls

by Katie Liesmann on March 10, 2015

5 minute read

Data can be an asset or a liability to any company. In my first job, most of my time was spent looking for valuable contact info that sales needed to win deals. This cost the company the price of my yearly salary and the price of monthly subscriptions to at least three data companies. I was carefully scrutinizing lists to make sure I didn’t miss the info I was looking for and searching through all the databases I had access to. And often, when I found the data, I would find out later that it was inaccurate.

Enter the beauty of D&B for Sugar. D&B for Sugar is an application by Dun & Bradstreet that integrates directly into your CRM system. It allows sales reps and marketers to find the contact info for the Lead or Account they're looking at. The endless search is no more. Since Dun & Bradstreet is the world’s largest provider of commercial data to businesses, I can be confident that if Dun & Bradstreet doesn’t have the info, nobody does.

While I work in marketing, this tool is incredibly useful for sales reps too. Let’s think about it in that context. Here are the ways in which D&B for Sugar can increase the power of your sales team.

Getting Context for Calls

When a new lead comes into your pipeline, you can use D&B for Sugar to arm yourself with information to qualify the lead and make a sales call. Here’s where the D&B for Sugar dashlet is located:

Getting Context for Calls

Within the dashlet, you can access basic company info, as well as current news, financial information, and social media updates on the company. News such as changes in a company's strategy or drops in stock price can give you insight into the company's current pain points.  Additionally, financial information provides qualifying info on the company’s purchasing power. By looking at the call preparation questions, you can gain insight into competitors, industry trends, and more. The integration allows you to get to know your leads better.

Using Amazon as an example, here is a peek into the dashlet info:

Dashlet info

Finding the Decision Maker

You can also learn more about who the right decision maker is at a company by searching within D&B’s contacts. Within the dashlet, you can get access to the phone number, address and email of the VP of Marketing, CTO, or whoever is the decision maker.

Here’s my search results for “Marketing” titles at Amazon:

Amazon search

Once I find the right person, I have the capability to pull that contact info into Sugar, and if there is ever updated information on that contact, D&B will notify me through the dashlet panel.

Import contact

Upsell Opportunities

The most powerful aspect of D&B for Sugar is its ability to expand your opportunities. You can increase the number of deals in your pipeline by looking at a company’s family tree.

Amazon’s family tree:


Amazon’s family tree

The family tree reveals what the company structure is--whether there is a larger corporate parent or sister companies. If you've had a successful call with a new lead, then you can expand upon it by contacting related companies who may also be interested in purchasing your offerings.


You can also use the dashlet to prospect by searching for companies who are similar to your customers who may also be interested in your product offering. You can build a list based on similar characteristics including size, revenue and industry, and then pull that list of information into your CRM. You can trust this data is accurate because all of the information is verified using D&B’s DUNS number.

D&B’s DUNS number

Whether you are a sales rep or a marketer, this tool enables you to prospect and win deals faster because accurate data is readily available at your fingertips, helping you increase the efficiency of your time and eliminate this discomfort that often comes with “cold calls”.

If you would like any additional info on D&B for Sugar or want to know pricing, please contact us and we will have an account executive reach out to you.

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