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Dashboards in wMobile Desktop

by Lynn Catterson on October 22, 2015

5 minute read

Dashboards in wMobile Desktop are a good way to check your activity.  You can see at a glance how many activities you have scheduled for today, tomorrow, this week, next month, or if any are overdue. You can view your pending forecasted sales. You can also see completed activities such as how many contacts you created, activities you completed, and closed/lost sales. The dashboards for Pending and History are clickable, so you can get a drill down on each count and view the results in a list or chart. These Dashboards can be displayed for an individual or a team.

The Dashboard option is the first button on the wMobile Desktop main menu.

The Dashboard defaults to the logged in user. If I want to see details on the 2 calls scheduled for today, I click on the total count as highlighted in yellow below. The list will be displayed below the dashboard. Any item highlighted in blue is a hyperlink, so you can navigate to the company or contact record using these links.

Perhaps I’d like to view my past due calls. Maybe I just didn’t get to complete some of them, and others should be updated. I can complete, edit, or delete activities from the resulting list using the icons highlighted in green. (the ability to delete activities is dependent on user security settings.)

Perhaps I’d like to view my forecasted sales for the month. I can click on the total to see the list of forecasted sales.

I can also click on the View Chart tab to switch to a chart view.

If you can’t see the whole list or chart, you can drag the splitter bar up and down. When you get your cursor in the right place, it will display as an up/down arrow as pictured below. Then left click on the mouse and keep holding it down while you drag the bar up or down as needed.

You can also collapse the bottom pane using the toggle button in the center of the splitter bar, as shown below.

The History Dashboard has the same functionality as the Pending Dashboard. All items are clickable to show Drill down results. The History Dashboard displays the number of Contacts created as well as activities.

We hope this will help you keep track of GoldMine and wMobile.

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