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Dallas Lunch & Learn with SugarCRM

by Katie Liesmann on November 17, 2015

3 minute read

On October 29th, W-Systems hosted a Lunch & Learn at the Dallas House of Blues along with partners SugarCRM, 3CLogic, and Dun & Bradstreet. The event was a valuable time for us to interface with current customers and show Dallas business professionals how CRM can provide the competitive edge needed to be an industry leader.

Our VP of Products and Technology, Bill Harrison, did a presentation on this topic and used Gladney Center for Adoption as an example of a company that is using CRM technology to revolutionize their industry.

Gladney is an adoption agency that provides adoption services to birth parents, adoptive families, and adopted children over their entire lifetime. Gladney knew that the adoption process was long and tedious for all their clients, but also that each type of client preferred to communicate through different mediums. They wondered if they could use a CRM to unify their divisional databases and improve client experiences. Working with W-Systems as their CRM partner, they improved customer service with two customizations.

First, they created a custom portal that integrates with their CRM. Clients can access this portal called My Gladney to download forms, access their history, fill out paperwork, and find educational resources. Offering self-service to today’s consumers is a huge trend in customer service, and Gladney paved the way to offer self-service to the adoption industry. Now 70-page forms are automatically filled out for clients with data pulled from the CRM, and customers can complete many to-do items without physically coming to the agency.

Second, they use an SMS integration to text clients from their CRM system. This integration has made the communication experience for birth mothers and fathers more comfortable. Choosing to go through an adoption agency can be an emotionally difficult process, and Gladney chose to make them more comfortable by investing in technology that allows clients to reach out using their preferred method. In addition to improving the client experience, the CRM system automatically stores all these texts so they don’t have to be manually entered.

We hope that sharing this story during the W-Systems Lunch & Learn inspired attendees to use CRM in innovative ways. After Bill’s presentation, we did a live demo of the product and hosted a customer panel with some of our Dallas based customers.

To see Gladney’s full case study, go here

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